Hyrra Chughtai

Annual chili cook-off returns to Brantford

The Chili Willy Cook-Off happening in Harmony Square on Feb 24 has had many residents and contenders looking forward to the event since it was first announced. With the weather going to the extremes and even facing a polar vortex, there isn’t anything better for Brantford locals […]

The War on Stupid comes to Brantford

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch: It’s late at night sometime in the 90s to early 2000s, and you’re scrolling through channels trying to find something entertaining to watch – something that’ll really make you laugh. There are unlimited TV shows and channels that are true to what they say they are. […]

Are you really being safe?

Safe sex is an important topic, no matter the arrangements of the sexual relationship. In order to acknowledge this fact, this Valentine’s Day, the Laurier Brantford’s Women’s Centre put on a workshop run by a representative from the Stag Shop […]

Should you give love a try?

What is love? Every person has their own meaning attached to their view of love. Depending on their past experiences, it can be either positive or negative. But this can change as a person grows and as they develop new experiences […]

Concerts: Hit or miss

On January 23, the organizers of Snow Week held a concert for all Laurier students to come out and enjoy at Club Scorpio. Two bands – Mermaids Exist and Valley— performed. As a Snow Week executive, I had the opportunity to go to attend the concert and see if students […]

Glenhyrst Art Gallery hosts drag show

Drag culture has grown tremendously throughout the years. More people are now knowledgeable about the culture and even attend live shows. A huge factor in this has been the popularity of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. People who weren’t a part of drag culture are now able to […]

Tokyo Police Club celebrates 10 years

Four years since their last studio album, Tokyo Police Club have released their fourth album. The album, called “TPC”, was produced with Dine Alone Records and was released on October 5. The album was almost not to be, but the Canadian band rejoiced together after their 10th anniversary tour […]

Blackout Festival returns to Brantford

The 12th annual Blackout Fest in Brantford is slowly approaching. With the lineup having been announced in July, fans were able to prepare themselves for another great year. Featuring “Run” by Jamie Mittendorf, the music ranges from pop punk to punk, and has headliners such as Living with Lions, Such Gold, and […]

LSPIRG takes on Capitalism

Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) hosted their first part of an educational series called Resistance 101 talking about capitalism on Oct 25.   LSPIRG is a non-profit organization which helps advocate issues and help openly talk about it with […]