Photo Gallery: Being Unique

Like many of us, nature is beautiful and unique from a single petal to the pattern on a leaf on a tree. Each season has a unique way to express the beauty within. A local greenhouse provides people the opportunity […]

Photo Gallery: Glass

Cropped photos of well-focused glass usually turn out quite abstract. I was able to take these photos easily because there is glass everywhere, and the point was to capture different types of glass surfaces. Changing the colours of some of […]

Gallery: Backgrounds

Initially, I was going to do my theme on “signs of spring,” given that in March we generally get small signs that spring is coming.  This year, however, Canadian weather proved – yet again – to be an unpredictable rollercoaster.  […]

Gallery: Shadows

Shadows are an extension of life in people and objects. If captured at the right time, would give us an inkling into the original image. However, beyond the surface, shadows help us imagine – to see with depth. Here are […]

Collage: Winter

BY JEREMY VYN & MICHAEL PIRILLO Winter is both chaotic – with snowstorms, blowing snow, and harsh conditions – and peaceful.  These photos are meant to bring out the peaceful and beautiful aspects of winter.  By taking the world around […]

Collage: Christmas

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Michael Pirillo: Staying home to enjoy the holidays is totally enjoyable and very appropriate for 2020. As you can see in my photos, I decorated my house and did a lot […]