Collage: Small Businesses in Brantford



Small businesses around Brantford are all special in their own way and it is with this uniqueness that they have been able to survive the pandemic. 


One such business is The Collective which is located on 62 Brant Ave which is a local skate shop selling everything skating related from the wheels to hoodies. They also have brand shoes and clothing.


Omg ice-cream located on Colborne street specializes in handmade ice-creams and it’s always crowded as it’s never too cold to try one of their cones. They have some crazy flavours like “Froot loops” and “Kool-Aid”, which is a must try if you love sweets.


Healthy Rabbit is one of the few healthy cafes in Brantford. They make scrumptious healthy snacks and meals but their treats are a go to.


Clay works studio is another small business that has been running smoothly during the pandemic. They make lovely items out of clay, but if you are looking to register, you might have to wait since the spots fill up pretty quickly and they are the only pottery place in all of Brantford.


The other business you should definitely visit is Bathtub Bakery as they specialize in hand made organic bath bombs of all shapes. The fortune cookie bath bomb is sure to make your day.


  • Bathtub Bakery / Photo by Tejas Singh



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