Gallery – Fall Leaves

Fall was weird this year.  The majority of the days were rainy, and the colours that we are so used to seeing in Southern Ontario seemed to be hiding away in very exclusive locations.  I heard stories of a magnificent colour array in Orangeville and Drayton, but we seemed to be out of luck here in Brantford and Hamilton.  The more I looked, however, the more beauty I found.  As opposed to the vast colour array experienced in other places, I started to notice “the odd ones out” among the greens and browns.  Every so often I would find a brilliantly red tree whose beauty radiated even brighter due to its rarity.  I started to be excited for the hunt; trying to find those rare areas of colour was an adventure in itself, and the satisfaction of finding those areas was greater than I expected.  So, as school gets more and more stressful as we approach the end of the semester, be reminded that even amongst the dulling greens and multiplying browns there are moments of beauty.  If you keep your mind open to those moments, you’ll find an unexpected level of satisfaction and joy.

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