What could TikTok bans look like for students?

Photo Contribution by Jeremy Vyn At the end of February, the Government of Canada announced that TikTok would be removed from all government issued devices. The Chief Information Officer of Canada deemed that TikTok’s data collection could result in cyberattacks, […]

Keep calm and celebrate on

Contributed Photo St. Patrick’s Day. The day of wearing green, the luck of the Irish and a few extra drinks.    St. Patrick’s Day is a day associated with a good time, and if we all remember to celebrate responsibly, it […]

Black History Month at Laurier Brantford

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe Last month was February and Black History Month, a month dedicated to the learning and remembering of our Black communities.    After some research and speaking with Brianna Alexander, the co-president for the Black Student Collective […]

What the winter?

Contributed Photo It doesn’t take a meteorologist or scientist to know that something is having a big impact on our weather. With record high winter temperatures across the globe, all signs are pointing to climate change catching up with us.  […]

“Avatar”: A sequel worth waiting For

Photo Credits to Nida Shanar In 2009, Director James Cameron’s “Avatar” came out in theatres and broke box office records around the world for highest-grossing film. Now almost 15 years later, the sequel “Avatar: Way of the Water” has already […]

The best Christmas movies

It’s that time of the year! Time to light the fireplace, put on an ugly Christmas sweater, dust off your DVD player and remove the shrink wrap from those totally legally purchased Christmas classics!   Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) – […]

Masks on campus: Yay or Nay?

Masks have been a large part of our everyday lives for almost the last three years now. While there has been some progress in the case numbers from the pandemic going down, there is still the threat of symptoms and […]

Enter the Metaverse

Facebook loading screen on a phone with the Meta logo at the bottom

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY MOLLY SIMPSON / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY When the pandemic hit, everything changed. It wasn’t just the victims of the virus, the surging of hospitals and the closing of countless businesses.  People’s lives were changed, and the world was […]

Why we shouldn’t “eat the rich”

A man reading Forbes magazine, "Billionare" is on the cover with a man in a suit.

PHOTO BY David Suarez / Unsplash  “Eat the rich” – this line has encompassed the current attitude of the world towards wealthy individuals in the past few years. In the west, a reckoning seems to be erupting as economic disparities have […]

Invest rather than Fast Fashion

Shirts on hangers on a rack.

Fashion and the shopping that comes with it are both huge interests of mine. To the regret of my friends and family, I would rather spend hours walking around the mall with a Starbucks in my hand than doing anything […]