There can only be one (poppy)

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   November 11 is here. You are hopefully going to take a pause for the solemn day of remembrance and gratitude for those that laid down everything in service of this country. […]

Too fool for school

Photo of inside Ottawa high school during COVID-19 pandemic./ Contributed Image, The Sputnik Photography. Christian is a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a BA in the Dept. of Human and Social Sciences.   As you all have just […]

Saving the Earth

Top of a recycling bin

When I first moved to Brantford for school, I wasn’t really surprised that people around here recycled. But when I found out that Brantford had a two-sort recycling program, I was a bit surprised. I had never heard of such […]

Is Laurier doing enough for its students?

Laurier Brantford turned 20 this year and students still feel as if they are regarded as second best to the Waterloo campus. The two Laurier Campuses feel like two different universities. Wilfrid Laurier isn’t doing enough to include Laurier Brantford […]

The epidemic of social media reposting

Hello Snapchatters, Instagrammers, round the clock texters and the other screen slaves who were not addressed in the previous three titles. I am here today to tell you about a social epidemic that has plagued social media platforms. Yes, I […]

Mandatory Indigenous studies classes

I remember the first time I heard the land acknowledgement crackle through the decades-old speaker in my Grade 12 English class after morning announcements. I recall being confused and somewhat irritated with the puzzled whispers and murmurs that engulfed the […]

Keep your slut shaming to yourself

Sex: a taboo topic that everyone seems to have an opinion about. I think it’s pretty obvious that everyone has their own experiences and preferences that influence their opinions on the topic, myself included. However, I think one of the more annoying aspects of sex […]

Chocolate scams in a heart-shaped box

There is nothing romantic about Valentine’s Day. Yup, I said it. Let’s face it: you know it’s true. Take a second; brush the sequins out of your eyes, pry the rose from between your teeth, turn down the Marvin Gaye vinyl and pull […]

Struggling as an introvert on campus

Introverts are shy, lonely people who hate big crowds. They like to spend their time alone, they don’t want to meet new people. They’re quiet and unopinionated.  In light of Snow Week at Laurier Brantford, I’m writing this to dispel […]

Balancing university and relationships

Managing to stay organized during university can be hard. Balancing classes, placements, extra-curriculars, eating healthy, working out and having a social life can seem completely impossible. Throwing a relationship into the mix complicates things even more. A lot of students, including […]