Enter the Metaverse

Facebook loading screen on a phone with the Meta logo at the bottom

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY MOLLY SIMPSON / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY When the pandemic hit, everything changed. It wasn’t just the victims of the virus, the surging of hospitals and the closing of countless businesses.  People’s lives were changed, and the world was […]

Why we shouldn’t “eat the rich”

A man reading Forbes magazine, "Billionare" is on the cover with a man in a suit.

PHOTO BY David Suarez / Unsplash  “Eat the rich” – this line has encompassed the current attitude of the world towards wealthy individuals in the past few years. In the west, a reckoning seems to be erupting as economic disparities have […]

Invest rather than Fast Fashion

Shirts on hangers on a rack.

Fashion and the shopping that comes with it are both huge interests of mine. To the regret of my friends and family, I would rather spend hours walking around the mall with a Starbucks in my hand than doing anything […]

Having an Exam Before Reading Week

A finger tracing words in a book

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY The first weeks of university can be very hectic for students, especially first years. On top of having to be thrown right into the frontlines of university tier education, students have a lot […]

Slow internet in a virtual classroom

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   “You keep cutting out.”  “Your screen is all blurry.” “There’s an echo in your audio.” “It must be your Wi-Fi.”   At this point in the online school year, we have […]

A future cop’s take on defund the police

GRAPHIC BY SARA SHIEKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Disclaimer:  This is Humberto’s personal opinion and does not reflect the opinions of current or aspiring police officers. He is currently at Laurier Brantford in the criminology program.    The phrase […]

There can only be one (poppy)

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   November 11 is here. You are hopefully going to take a pause for the solemn day of remembrance and gratitude for those that laid down everything in service of this country. […]