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The Sputnik is Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus independent student newspaper. We deliver content to the student body from News, Sports, Arts and Culture, Opinion, The Infinitum and Photography. Our issues print on a monthly basis, every first Thursday of the month, and are available on stands around campus.

Apply for Creative Director

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to, along with any samples of writing or creative work you are proud of!

Work at The Sputnik

We’re currently looking for a new staff team for the 2024-45 academic year. We’re hiring:

  • Editors for News and Sports
  • Lead Writers for Sports, Arts and Culture and Opinion
  • Senior Copy Editor
  • Web Manager
  • Video Editor

To apply, email your resume and a cover letter. For more on the roles’ responsibilities, please review the position descriptions here.

Volunteer with The Sputnik

Want to get involved? Here’s two ways how you can get started:

1) Email the Editor-in-Chief at Introduce yourself and specify how you would like to volunteer. You can write, take photos, shoot videos, copy-edit, make social media posts or help design our website. If you are interested in writing for a specific section, please let us know.

2) Fill out our online application below.

And that’s it! Once you apply, the Editor-in-Chief will connect you with the right team so you can officially join The Sputnik.

Online Volunteer Application

Fill out this form to apply as a volunteer.

What would you like to do?

If want to be a writer, which section do you want to write for?

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Do I need experience? What skills do I need?

No experience is needed! The Sputnik welcomes students with a variety of opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve both hard and soft skills. You can work on whatever you are most interested in and gain experience to jumpstart your career after graduation.

What is the time commitment?

The Sputnik prints monthly issues and volunteers are asked to contribute at least once per issue. This can vary, so communicate what works best for you with your respective Editor/Manager. If you want to contribute more than one piece or project every month, we’re totally cool with that. But if you find it a struggle when midterms come around, we understand.

Are there meetings?

Every section at The Sputnik should meet with their department regularly. There will be monthly workshops hosted by alternating staff members and everyone is welcome to attend, volunteer or not.

Can I choose what to write about?

The Sputnik welcomes new ideas and we are always looking for interesting content. If you have an idea you want to write about, bring it up to your section’s Editor and they will add it to our official pitch list.

Are there any opportunities to advance in The Sputnik?

There are plenty! At the end of the winter term, we hire our new editorial board and staff members under the new Editor-in-Chief for the next academic year. There are usually around 10 positions available. These people will be in charge the year after and are the ones responsible for making sure the paper makes it to the printers on time.

If you have any more questions or are interested in applying for a staff position, please email