Photo of Alexander Singh /Contributed Image I want to thank the Editor-in-Chief at The Sputnik for giving me the space to grieve and create healing.    To Alexander Singh; Gone too soon; this is a cliché, most people say this […]

Summer Loves: A short story

Group gathers around a bonfire

  ALAN CHEN / UNSPLASH PHOTOGRAPY   The heat from the early morning sun warmed my skin, flushing it pink with the sky’s reflection. I sat on my front doorstep, waiting for Jack to pick me up in his old […]

Christina Han: a professor profile

At Laurier Brantford we can be thankful for a multitude of caring professors who are more than just brilliant – they’re committed to their students and engaged in campus community.  While you may see them in front of a classroom, […]

The decline of volunteer engagement

All Judy Gilbert-Lindsay had to do was put on the red shirt and her dogs would wag their tails with excitement. Unfortunately for both her and her dogs, though, Gilbert-Lindsay had to retire the red shirt to the back of her closet.   […]

What Laurier thinks about feminism

Feminism is known as the second most hated “F” word in the English language, simply because people do not understand its true meaning.  Merriam-Webster defines feminism as “the theory of political, economic and social equality of the sexes”. However, according to an article on […]

The evolution of adult cartoons

If you’re like me, you have spent an enjoyable evening or two watching a marathon of Family Guy, South Park or The Simpsons. Be it on television or a streaming site, it’s the perfect way to destress, clear your mind and just pause […]

Hurricane Hannah always first place

Sprint cars: or in other words, go-karts on steroids; these high-powered race cars are designed primarily for the purpose of running on short oval or circular dirt or paved tracks and can be heard even before stepping onto the racetrack.   Sprint cars […]

A home far, far away

Imagine stepping off a plane into a brand new place. Within minutes you realize how different it is from your home country; the weather is not the same as home and you start to miss the warm breeze you’ve grown up with; the […]

A quarter life crisis hangs over us all

Maybe it was when you spontaneously bought a dog in second year. Perhaps it was when you changed your major for the fifth time. It could’ve been when you tried out for the varsity cross-country team even though you hated running. I don’t know . . . at some […]

A visit to Lebanon

Imagine leaving your home. Not by choice, not for a vacation, but being forced to run because you have no other options. Now imagine not knowing if or when you can ever go back. Syrian refugees have made homes for themselves in several countries […]

Life after Laurier

Looking back, there are a couple of things that I would change about my first year at Laurier. I would have loved to get more involved with the school, taking advantage of all the clubs that were offered on campus. […]