The Sputnik’s Declassified School Survival Guide

New beginnings provide a perfect occasion to pioneer a new persona. The ideal way of doing so is to gift yourself with the tools and techniques to support this endeavour. The passing of wisdom from trials and tribulation that are not your own prove
the perfect opportunity to grow through analysis as opposed to experience. It is with this hope that the following information is shared. The best approach to cultivating wellness appears to be that of balance. This is personal and customizable, but the emphasis is on that of not designating too much time on a singular task and instead evenly distributing your energies: mind,
body and soul. That being said, here are some tips and tricks gathered by experts within the Laurier community, who have insight on how to keep yourself balanced.
– Shelby Edwards, Editor-in-Chief


Carla Carlson, Mental Health Nurse, Wellness Centre

It’s very important to build and maintain healthy communities. This helps to keep all members in good mental health. Don’t isolate — reach out, say hello to the student sitting next to you in class-reach out for support when you need it, Laurier cares and we are all here for you.

Four things which will help you remain well and productive are: a healthy diet, good sleep, hygiene, social connection, and exercise.


Jamie Poole, Transition & Orientation Coordinator, Academic Advising

Go to class! Seriously. Sounds easy, but many students are tempted to skip their classes and it is the easiest way of falling behind. Some professors will even give tips about upcoming assignments or tests in your lectures, so make sure you go!

Get organized. Your syllabus will outline all of your major due dates and expectations. Make sure you read it! Plot these dates out on a four-month calendar and be aware of your busy times so that you can plan ahead.

Put yourself out there. Say hello in class, join a club, attend an event, participate in intramural’s — the possibilities are endless! You’ll meet new people, discover new interests and make your Laurier experience truly memorable.

Use your resources. We are here to help! There is plenty of support available on this campus. Successful students make use of their resources early — don’t wait until it is too late.

Find balance. While being a student is a full-time career, ensure that you are getting enough sleep, eating well and enjoying a social life. These things are just as important to your overall health and happiness. Set aside time each week for some “me time” to de-stress and recharge for the next week.


Megan Jacklin, Coordinator, Recreation & Student Life, Athletics and Recreation

Wellness is more important than weight. I repeat:


The “mind” part is personal to you; hanging out with friends, reading books, practicing meditation, cooking, working on DIY projects, the list could go on (as long as it brings you joy and happiness)!

Research has shown that physical activity can have positive effects on your body and mind: reducing stress, improving memory, promoting better sleep and enhancing your overall mood (just to name a few!)


I don’t care how intense, how long, how fast or how sweaty … just MOVE!

Drink Water

Keep a reusable water bottle on you and make sure to take a slug or two of water every once in a while.


Do yourself a favour and tuck yourself into those sheets for at least seven hours a night. Sleep is the time where your body AND your mind can recover from the stresses of your day so don’t rob it of its well needed recovery!


Feel good endorphins are so important in your brain health and overall sense of well-being. Laugh at the things that you think are funny and enjoy the little ab workout that comes along with it!

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