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I want to thank the Editor-in-Chief at The Sputnik for giving me the space to grieve and create healing. 


To Alexander Singh;

Gone too soon; this is a cliché, most people say this when one dies, “gone too soon.” 

The reality is that we all have to die, we are simply on this earth for a visit. Some die earlier than others, one does not know when they are called home. I learned a valid lesson this summer, after the death of my partner  Alex.  The memories forged when in his present,  both good and bad, but who wants to remember the bad, not me!

 I remember the night before his death, us delighting in an all cheese pizza and chocolate fudge sundaes. I also remember complaining about money…I will not disclose why I was complaining about this matter. But, I’ve learned after his death, that healthy relationships are a lot more valuable than wealth. I will never get to physically see Alex again, and that is okay, because it was his time to go home. 

The lesson that I’ve learned after his death is to thank God for waking me up every morning. He is the one who gives me my daily breath. And, it is also crucial for me to practice gratitude: this simply means every night or in the morning. Writing down a list of people or things that you are grateful for…

For example, my list starts with: I am grateful for my family, health, friends, and education. 

Of course, this list will vary during different chapters in my life, but this helps me focus and create a positive headspace. 


Is one word that the registered nurse continues to say to me when we communicate. Time, heals everything, another cliché. A cliché that I agree with, without time one carries the emotional fluff from one chapter to the next. 

Therefore, time is crucial in order for one to heal. Think with me, one who does not take the time to heal and create healthy support systems is doing damage to their overall health. 

Me, writing this piece is healing in a nutshell. 

Alex, the love and emotional turmoil that we shared are in my memories. One always learns from their experiences and this experience will build me up to start another relationship; one that is loving and healthy. 

Love you always…


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