Experiencing a concert in 2020

Sara Sheikh, The Sputnik Photography


Music is something everyone enjoys, unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic people have not been able to experience live concerts anymore.

September 26 of this year I had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring Kane Brown, a country singer who gave fans the opportunity to see him, even though it wasn’t the conventional.

This was like no other event.

Those in attendance experienced it at the Stardust Drive-in theatre in Newmarket Ontario from the safety of their cars with live projected footage onto the big screens. 

Exclusive merchandise was sold to the fans who attended. Food and drinks were still sold at the concession stand, with the mask regulation in place once inside. Everyone practiced social distancing even when dancing and singing outside of their cars. We got the full concert experience in a new and safe way. 

For the event, people were required to purchase a ticket online. Since it was at a drive-in, the tickets were per car and not per person. As long as everyone fits in the car, we were all set and ready to go. You would be able to enjoy this new experience with many of your friends for more than half the price as actual concert tickets. 

Once finally inside and after finding the perfect spot, setting up and getting all comfortable inside your car, you can go into the concession stand and purchase a variety of different meals or snacks. Ranging from just small snacks like candy and popcorn, to actual meals like hotdogs or hamburgers with fries. All these different, delicious options at a reasonable price.

At the time, they had low prices on many of their items. From someone who has gone to many movies at the drive-in and at regular theatres, I’d say that drive-in prices are much cheaper in comparison to actual movie theatres.

Now that you’re back in your car, with all your snacks and your excitement racing from the countdown. Brown fans will be able to purchase merchandise on a separate, private amazon link. There’s more options to this exclusive group.

A live stream video of Brown singing on stage, wishing he could see us all in person and everyone still enjoying themselves no matter the circumstances, was a great feeling. 

From what was seen in the backseat of my car, people who had shown up to the concert in trucks and were standing in the back, dancing like crazy. It almost looked like it was going to break from the jumping and partying happening. 

Everyone was singing at some of his more famous songs like Homesick and Heaven. People would honk their horns and flash their lights whenever Brown would say to and although it was quite a disturbance, especially to other people who were watching movies at the other screens, it was still nice.

COVID-19 has put a dent in most of our fun, especially now that we’re in the second wave. 

Just to know that there are people out there who are determined to bring some hope and light back into people’s lives is reassuring.  


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