Your New Editor: Serena Austin

Hey, Golden Hawks! My name is Serena Austin, I’ve just completed my third year here at Laurier Brantford, and I will be The Sputnik’s Editor-in-Chief for the 2022/23 school year. From my very first campus tour, I knew Laurier Brantford […]

Photo Gallery: Being Unique

Like many of us, nature is beautiful and unique from a single petal to the pattern on a leaf on a tree. Each season has a unique way to express the beauty within. A local greenhouse provides people the opportunity […]

Photo Gallery: Glass

Cropped photos of well-focused glass usually turn out quite abstract. I was able to take these photos easily because there is glass everywhere, and the point was to capture different types of glass surfaces. Changing the colours of some of […]

Behind the Scenes at The Sputnik

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY SARA SHEIKH / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY The Sputnik team has always enjoyed challenging and engaging with the Laurier community in publishing student-oriented and student-run content. Many of our volunteers typically take the position of an interviewer rather than […]

Soup Challenge Raises Money for Homeless Youth

a bowl of soup on a table

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY JEREMY VYN / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY Get your taste buds ready for St. Leonard’s Community Services’ 17th Annual Soup Challenge.   Each year, restaurants and organizations across Brantford go head-to-head in a battle of the soups.    The […]

A Night Under the Stars

Guests seated at round tables in the gala

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY MOLLY SIMPSON / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY FLASS/HASSA welcome you to a night under the stars on March 25 for a mask-querade ball.    On a dreamy Friday, Laurier students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human and […]

Gallery: Backgrounds

Initially, I was going to do my theme on “signs of spring,” given that in March we generally get small signs that spring is coming.  This year, however, Canadian weather proved – yet again – to be an unpredictable rollercoaster.  […]

Singer Spotlight: Nkelle Wright

Nkelle Wright

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY NKELLE WRIGHT Nkelle Wright is a fourth-year criminology student and an executive of Laurier Brantford’s Black Student Collective. Wright wants to be a detective and plans to start as a police officer, eventually hoping to land a […]


Night is black, streets are wet, tears stream down in weep. Hands raise, red reflects, warm and cold with guilt, knees crack in stumble. Bowed both body and soul, sky returns gaze, a single blink and its day. Sun sets, […]

Goal Setting in Sports

Workout equipment

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY SARA SHEIKH / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY Accomplishing the goals one sets out delivers the feelings of fulfillment and happiness. Knowing what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to reach your goals, can help […]

Skate Party at the Square

Closeup of skates on ice

PHOTO BY Weston MacKinnon / Unsplash Every Friday in February from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the City of Brantford held a free Skate Party event at the heart of the city’s downtown, Harmony Square–located on 89 Dalhousie Street.    The […]


Blood splatter over a photo of the RCE building

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY SARA SHEIKH / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY Hold on to your magnifying glass, light your pipe and put on your thinking cap to solve the  murder mystery at Laurier Brantford.   The Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Society (FLASS) along […]