Collage: Winter

BY JEREMY VYN & MICHAEL PIRILLO Winter is both chaotic – with snowstorms, blowing snow, and harsh conditions – and peaceful.  These photos are meant to bring out the peaceful and beautiful aspects of winter.  By taking the world around […]

Overcoming Fear

Fear is an emotion we all know the struggle of managing and overcoming. Some fears are relatively small but they can still be inhibiting one’s life.  Communication is a huge fear for many people, something as small as eye contact […]

NHL returns during second wave of COVID

PHOTO BY JEREMY VYN, THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   The next NHL season has an official start date after months of uncertainty surrounding the return of professional hockey amidst a continuing pandemic.   On Dec. 20, 2020, the league made a […]

Collage: Christmas

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Michael Pirillo: Staying home to enjoy the holidays is totally enjoyable and very appropriate for 2020. As you can see in my photos, I decorated my house and did a lot […]

Cuffing season in 2020

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   ‘Tis the season to be jolly— at least that is what we are told around this time of year.    For those who are single and feel the pressure to find […]

What defines a sport?

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   A common debate that surrounds the world of sports is the elements that allow a particular activity to become labelled as a sport, the most important one being physical exertion.   […]

Food4Kids auction goes remote

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Going once, going twice, sold to the holly jolliest bidder of the holiday Food4Kids auction.     As the holiday season draws near, Brant-Haldimand Food4Kids, a charity that began in 2017, has […]

Can KAOS compete?

PHOTOS BY NATASHA O’NEILL / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY Disclaimer: All photos in this article were taken prior to COVID-19.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there have been adjustments that dance teams across universities have had to make.  But there is […]

Changes to academic support during COVID-19

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Laurier’s remote services continue to introduce new changes and updates for students seeking academic support as the close to the semester quickly approaches.    Academic support services have adapted to provide […]