Golden hawks wrapping up the athletic year

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe Wilfrid Laurier Brantford Golden Hawks are beginning to wrap up an athletic year that saw some ups and some downs.  This is the first full athletic season before COVID-19 shut everything down. Tournaments were back […]

What could TikTok bans look like for students?

Photo Contribution by Jeremy Vyn At the end of February, the Government of Canada announced that TikTok would be removed from all government issued devices. The Chief Information Officer of Canada deemed that TikTok’s data collection could result in cyberattacks, […]

Keep calm and celebrate on

Contributed Photo St. Patrick’s Day. The day of wearing green, the luck of the Irish and a few extra drinks.    St. Patrick’s Day is a day associated with a good time, and if we all remember to celebrate responsibly, it […]

The aftermath of the earthquakes in Turkey & Syria

Photo Contribution by Nida Shanar In February, multiple earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, largely affecting the Turkish cities Gaziantep and Hatay. On Feb. 6, an earthquake with a 7.8-magnitude hit regions of Turkey and northwestern Syria, this was followed by […]

Laurier lifts last of mask requirements

Photo Contribution by Nida Shanar As of Feb. 16, Wilfrid Laurier University removed the mask mandate where everyone must wear a mask in instructional spaces like classrooms. The mandate has been effective since last winter term.   On Jan. 31, 2022, […]

The best uses of music in television

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe There have been some pivotal moments in fictional television that have struck the cultural zeitgeist in significant and unexpected ways. Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, the Game of Thrones finale, the candy factory episode of […]

Students hunt for housing amid crisis

Photo Contribution by Jeremy Vyn The housing crisis has taken a toll on students at Wilfrid Laurier University, as rent prices continue to climb and housing options decrease.   Balancing the cost of rent with tuition, groceries, gas and insurance is […]

Black History Month at Laurier Brantford

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe Last month was February and Black History Month, a month dedicated to the learning and remembering of our Black communities.    After some research and speaking with Brianna Alexander, the co-president for the Black Student Collective […]

Suspension of DMJ program for new students

Photo Contribution by Jeremy Vyn On Feb. 6, Wilfrid Laurier University students received an email announcing the suspension of the digital media and journalism program for incoming students in 2023-2024.   Janny Leung, the dean of liberal arts, suspended the program […]

2023 WLUSU Election Results

Photo Contribution by yourstudent’ Wilfrid Laurier University held its annual Students’ Union election this month.   The presidential campaign took place on Jan. 23 while voting days were from Jan. 24 until Jan. 26. This year, students were allowed to elect […]

Laurier celebrates Lunar New Year

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe On Jan. 18, Laurier International hosted a Lunar New Year celebration in the One Market atrium.   Lunar New Year is celebrated by many East Asian cultures to celebrate the first new moon of the year. […]

How AI impacts art

Photo Contribution by Jeremy Vyn From language patterns to 3D protein structure remodelling, artificial intelligence has made some significant strides in the past few years. One stride that has been the source of major debate as of late is the […]

What the winter?

Contributed Photo It doesn’t take a meteorologist or scientist to know that something is having a big impact on our weather. With record high winter temperatures across the globe, all signs are pointing to climate change catching up with us.  […]

Astoria’s Story

Photo Contribution by Karen Savoy Moments after Astoria realizes what Octavia has done, they began to run up to people they once called friends. One by one, Astoria received the same reaction of confusion. The place Astoria once called home […]

Winter’s a Drag returns

Photo Contribution by Ayse Aras This year’s lively Winter’s a Drag show was hosted at Brantford’s Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts once again on Jan. 24.   Vision Drag artists performed live for Wilfrid Laurier University students and others from […]

UX Design for Change Challenge

Photo Contribution by Nida Shanar Registration for the Design for Change challenge hosted by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford User Experience Design program is open until Friday, Feb. 10.  The challenge is open to students across Canada in any program of […]

LB students’ goals for 2023

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe The new year can be a great time for self-reflection and goal setting. Every January, that fresh first page of the calendar year inspires all kinds of resolutions and personal commitments. But when, for most […]