Goat yoga returns to campus

Alexa Ford / Arts & Culture Editor
A goat on a student’s back.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford Students’ Union hosted goat yoga sessions for students on Thursday, March 7 in the Research and Academic Centre West courtyard where there was a great turnout.

Full Circle Ranch transported their goats to campus from their farm in Saint Thomas, Ontario. The event began at 1 p.m. and ended at 3 p.m. with a total of eight 20-minute yoga sessions students signed up for when registration began at 12:45 p.m.

Koyal Vyas, the vice president of programming services on the Brantford campus, planned the event and was pleased with the number of students who came.

“All of our slots are booked up until 2:15 p.m., which is almost our last slot,” said Vyas around the registration time. “I think everyone is having a great time being outside, having fun with some animals.”

Fourth-year youth and children’s studies and psychology major Stacey Tsui was one of the students who came and said she enjoyed the chance to unwind with her friends during a busy time in the term.

“I am stressed out and I think goats are really cute and I want to play with them,” said Tsui. She said a balance between being on campus for school and fun activities helps her stay positive during busy school semesters.

A yoga instructor from Full Circle Ranch led the yoga flows with great enthusiasm as the many goats hopped, ran and head-butted their way over, under and on top of the students.

At one point in the session, each student had the chance to have a goat put on their back. Most goats jumped off within a few seconds, but there were a few lucky students who had to hold their cow poses for a bit longer while the goat on their back got comfortable.

One goat in particular stole the hearts of all students present, a young goat named Bean who not only was bleating with joy the entire time, but also skipping across the yoga mats very energetically.

“It’s all about making sure the students have a great time and the goats are happy. I’m from the country and I grew up around goats, so I’m excited for some people who have maybe never been around goats to experience them and of course get some physical activity with the yoga too,” said fourth-year social work student Megan MacDonald, who was one of the volunteers.

The sun was shining and the temperature climbed to 12 C, so Vyas took a last-minute opportunity to host the event outside instead of its original location in the LBYMCA.

“It’s such a unique experience, I think students have just been itching for a way to get out and have fun and be outside after this long winter, and they just ate it up,” she said.

This article was originally published in print Volume 23, Issue 8 on Thursday, April 4.

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