Photo Gallery: Being Unique

Like many of us, nature is beautiful and unique from a single petal to the pattern on a leaf on a tree. Each season has a unique way to express the beauty within. A local greenhouse provides people the opportunity to view what is offered during spring and summer all year around. It is important to understand that the way we view nature should reflect on how we view ourselves. As unique individuals with our own type of beauty. What started as just a gallery for me to create turned into a story that I now am able to share with others and reflect on every day. This gallery is also for my grandmother who loves nature and all the beauty it provides. These photos were taken during a show that the greenhouse held and it has been a tradition of mine and my grandmothers to attend since I was young. The shows are held twice a year and they always have a different theme to them. These shows offer something for everyone and the beauty within the plants are beyond anything I could ever dream of. I want you to view nature the way I do with the unique details right to the beauty of the landscape. 


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