Editor’s Note: to start a new chapter

All things in life are ephemeral, but one could argue that those fleeting moments and passing memories are what make our lives – in some ways – beautiful.


Not to get too philosophical (I know we all have enough of that in school), but time really does fly and breeze by within the blink of an eye. My first time walking into The Sputnik’s office is still clear in my mind as though it happened yesterday. 


The office in Grand River Hall was huge, the couches lofty and the atmosphere as comfortably silent like a morning after a night of snowfall. First-year me wandered into the office with curiosity in eyes and a restlessness in my heart. I joined as a volunteer copyeditor then, which eventually developed into News Editor in my second year, and Editor-in-Chief in my third. 


Despite these gradual changes, some things haven’t change. Three years later, and despite finishing my term as The Sputnik’s Editor-in-Chief, I know there’s still a lot for me to learn and do. That curiosity and restlessness still exists, but has grown and flourished in a way that makes me excited to see what the future holds for the paper as I pass the mantle and watch it grow from the sidelines.


When I look back at the time that has passed, the people I met and the things I learned, I can say that I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grow alongside The Sputnik in the time that passed. 


Our newspaper has always leaned on the smaller side. We’re on a small campus, and subsequently, our numbers aren’t as big as other papers. Yet, The Sputnik has grown so much as a newspaper over the years because of the wonderful people who make running the paper possible. 


There’s our news and sports teams, who uncover pressing and relevant topics with insightful interviews and considerate planning. There’s our arts & culture and opinion teams that weave together captivating articles through their dedication and passion for their craft. Our copyeditor’s incredible eye for detail always reviews articles from each section before they see the light of day. 


Our photography team has never failed to capture breathtaking snippets of real-life through the lenses of their cameras, and our social media manager has brought creativity and color to our brand in a way that’s never been done before.


The work done this year by our incredible team has cemented a foundation for the future, as happens each year. This chapter has drawn to a close as we approach the end of the academic year, but this is only the beginning of the book. Good things await the readers who keep reading. 


Life and time are fleeting things. A moment passes, and then another, and then another. But those moments – as they happen – can be exhilarating to live in. When they’ve passed, the memories are reassurances of what you’ve experienced and seen. 


My time at The Sputnik has gone by in a blink of an eye, but the memories of late-night copyediting and card-playing matches with our team will be some of the many things that will stick with me in my life. I still carry the tape recorder my late grandfather bought me when I first received the offer to join as EIC, just like how I carry fond memories of the lovely team, family and friends who made working in this position possible.


In a similar way, I hope that you – fellow readers – have found joy in our content or insight in our articles during your time here at Laurier. Although our interactions are fleeting, and our paper often speaks with you through stories and photos, I hope that The Sputnik gave you something useful or nice to carry with you as you walk through different chapters of your life.


But if you’re still looking for something to take with you from our paper, then stay tuned for next year. Our incredible social media and website manager, Serena Austin, will be taking the reins to lead The Sputnik forth through the next year as Editor-in-Chief. I have no doubt that the paper will continue to flourish and grow under her leadership.


Thank you to all our readers who make our work at the newspaper meaningful just by being here. You’ve always brought purpose to our work, and motivate us to keep pushing forward.


After all, time may be fleeting, but as I’ve said before — we orbit around you, Laurier Brantford.



Hana Kidwai


(Sept. 2021-April 2022)

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