Gallery – Lights

Around this time of year, colourful lights are practically unavoidable. I was able to see the 9th annual Brantford Lights at Glenhyrst this year, and was amazed at the displays they had set up. This is where half of my photos come from. The other half comes from a chilly and rainy night in my backyard. Colourful lights in the dark gives you so much room to play around with silhouette’s and bokeh, and some of my favourite photos from this night come from this. The lights also allowed me to capture softness and warmth, even if my toes were freezing. However, my gallery isn’t just about pretty lights, but the friends I was able to enjoy them with. Going wouldn’t have been as fun without them, and my gallery wouldn’t be half as beautiful if they were absent. This is what I like to keep in mind both during this time of year, as well as coming out of the pandemic.

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