Collage: Halloween 2020


Poem by Natasha O’Neill, Editor-in-Chief


Ghosts, goblins, witches and vampires heading towards us Halloween night,

they all provide us quite a fright.


Stocking up on candy, and handing it out is never a bore,

little Suzy is coming down the street and up to the door.


Quickly putting on your mask and gloves in time,

it’s important this halloween to be safeas the bell chimes. 


“Trick or treat,” she will say,

as you gleefully give the little princess her pay.


The older ones may not be out and about this year,

“has quarantine squashed their spirit?” You fear? 


Instead they are snuggling up friends all close,

watching movies all night drinking things their parents oppose. 


Photos of pumpkin patches of every couple you see,

cover your instagram, oh it must be Halloween—via quarantine!


  • Photo by Sara Sheikh / The Sputnik Photography


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