Natasha O'Neill

I'm in my fourth year of the digital media and journalism program at Laurier Brantford, which means this is my last year at The Sputnik. As the editor-in-chief, I've learned so many lessons about running this fantastic paper. In the future I hope you will see my byline in national papers and creative content in other places!

We are hiring!!!

We are hiring for the following paid positions: Photo manager – Manages volunteers and oversees photo editing and makes sure all photos are done for all articles. Recruits future volunteers and promotes the Sputnik. Sports Editor- Has working relationship with […]

Brantford declares climate emergency

The City of Brantford has committed to becoming net carbon neutral by 2050.   On November 12 Brantford City Council unanimously voted in favour of passing the resolution declaring a climate emergency and what actions the city will take to […]