LSPIRG takes on Capitalism

Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) hosted their first part of an educational series called Resistance 101 talking about capitalism on Oct 25.  

LSPIRG is a non-profit organization which helps advocate issues and help openly talk about it with the public. Capitalism was the first topic of this series, educating students and the community to come out and take part in a learning experience to help them learn more about issues they may have not been familiar with before. Jaydene Lavallie, the Volunteer and Community Engagement Director for LSPIRG was the speaker for the night.  

“This is our second year here at Laurier Brantford, last year I had such a great large group of students who were interacting with LSPIRG in a variety of different ways generally or being a part in our action groups and two things I got from their feedback last year was that they wanted more skills based workshops… the second one was that they wanted to have more discussions, big terminology, so often when we are talking about oppressive systems… people have this innate understanding of why they think capitalism is bad but don’t have the language for it and they want to be able to have conversations with like minded people and develop better arguments” said Lavallie.  

The evening was filled with talks about the creations of capitalism and the many strong opinions of why it should or should not be present today.  

“Capitalism affects everybody’s life that lives in Canada. What we are going to be talking about is the origins of capitalism, how it came about, the kinds of stories we are told about it growing up here in Canada, which capitalism is also a settler colonial state and the actual implications of it societal inequality” said Lavallie.  

Students had come for the learning experience and a debate to spread their message but also learn a more educational way to have a conversation.  

“I defiantly think I can take what I learn here and apply it to other clubs and organizations I’m a part of so I think the background information will be very beneficial to that. Hopefully a deeper understanding of the roots of capitalism and how to fight those roots and better fight capitalism today in our society” said Emily Kloostra, a student at Laurier and a Volunteer for action groups.  

The message for the event was for anyone that wanted to learn more about capitalism that they may have not know before but by learning a few things about a topic, one could develop their own way of conveying a thought.  

“This is one presentation in a series of presentations that will be happening throughout the year which will also be explaining other concepts like, what is socialism, what is anarchism, what is direct action, what is colonialism, these kinds of things, so people coming to this event will have a better understanding of these concepts and why some people support them and why some people argue them” said Lavellie.  

The event catered pizza, people sitting and discussing and listening to discussions and all being a part of a learning experience.  

“I think education is the first step in making a change but I don’t think it’s the only step, I think we can’t stop once we understand the issue but that’s up to every individual student to make up their own mind to what they want to do” said Lavellie.  

Timothy Martin a volunteer for the Gardening Association in Brantford also have very strong opinions on what is being learnt through the presentation.  

“To ask now and learn today and pass down to our younger generations” said Martin.  






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