The Catfish Experience

With their profile pictures curated from Google images, their short contact list which might have one or two common friends, and a wall completely devoid of any actual social interaction, it’s almost as if they made the account yesterday just […]

Is Spotify killing the music industry?

Times have changed since the days of LimeWire and other services that allowed for the free download of music. The sales of albums have really taken a hit since the development of music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple […]

Socks for Brantford’s homeless

Community response to Brantford’s first sock drive is exceeding coordinators’ expectations, with well over 700 pairs of socks having been brought to Sophia’s Bakery in less than a week. The media company SoulPancake first launched the initiative, dubbed Socktober, four […]

2014 Pride Celebration in Brantford

Brantford’s 2014 Pride Celebration launched with its first ever youth oriented, open-mic event. In a room filled with bright and beautiful decorations, dozens of local youths came together to indulge in talented performers, pizza, and an opportunity to celebrate the […]

June is Recreation and Parks month

Recreation and Parks month has been in June since 2005, and was started in an effort to encourage Ontario citizens to be more involved with their communities. Brantford is among the many participating cities in Ontario, and the Brantford Parks and Recreation […]