The best uses of music in television

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe There have been some pivotal moments in fictional television that have struck the cultural zeitgeist in significant and unexpected ways. Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, the Game of Thrones finale, the candy factory episode of […]

Around the world in two days for ten bucks

This past weekend marked the 41st annual Brantford International Villages Festival. 15 villages were scattered across Brantford, enticing people with their exotic dances, traditional dress, and mouthwatering delicacies. Among the most popular villages, judging by the crazy lines, were Latin […]

Canadian Spotlight: USS

What do you get when you mix quirky introvert Ashley “Ash Boo-Shultz” Buccholz with over-the-top extrovert Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons? Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, also lovingly known as USS. USS have been riding the Canadian airwaves since 2008, after their debut […]

Black is back

Remember the good ol’ days when all you could do was turn around and someone would be talking about Rebecca Black and how horrible her song Friday was? Well, Rebecca remembers it – and I think she loves it. Almost […]