Arkells to rock the Sanderson Centre for O-week

O-week is back! And not only does that mean that new-comers get to get situated with their
programs and roommates, but it also means they get to see some killer bands. The organizers behind Laurier-Brantford’s o-week have gained a reputation for booking some great bands as of late, most notably Lights last year. Well they have done it again, as Hamilton’s own “Arkells” are playing on Wednesday night, September 3rd.

Of course, Arkells are not just your average local Hamilton band. These are the two-time Juno
award-winning Arkells. Their newest album and 3rd full length, “High Noon”, was just released this
month, and Arkells are busy touring North America in support of the record. Their Brantford stop is a number of Canadian shows before a short eastern America tour.

The new album picks up where “Michigan Left”, their last one, left off. Where Michigan
perfected their clean, modern rock sound, High Noon takes it and adds to it. Full of unique melodies, riffs, and progressions, Arkells are clearly trying to push their sound on this record, and it works. They even add string sections to certain songs.

The single, Come To Light, is a catchy, up-beat, bass driven foot-stomper. If you don’t find
yourself dancing to this one on Wednesday, then you may not have any rhythm. Just as good if not better, the next song, Cynical Bastards, is a perfect example of the push forward the band has made. They keep their trademark sound, but add in 80’s keyboards with a dynamic, syncopated chorus. Check out these tunes in advance of the show and you won’t be able to contain your excitement.

If you’ve never seen Arkells before, you can expect a max-effort performance. The band is
known for giving it their all, with great stage presence, and an awesome connection with their fans. And being so close to their home should only make the show at the Sanderson even more special. Arkells arecoming Laurier, see you at the show.

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