Dillon Giancola

I'm Dillon, the Editor In Chief for The Sputnik. I am in my fourth year of journalism. I love all things sports and music, and have a passion for writing about both. I am from Edmonton, but somehow (and maybe unfortunately) I hate the Oilers and love the Leafs.

Misusing the soapbox

  [starbox] Have you ever found yourself reading the paper and saying, “Why is it called the Sputnik anyway?” and “I wish it was pronounced ‘Spootnik’ because that sounds cooler and more Russian,”? Well I have too.   The answer to the first […]

New poetry display in front of Carnegie

A new art piece honoring the late Pauline Johnson is being installed in front of the Carnegie building. A section from one Johnson’s poems, inscribed on granite, will be installed into the sidewalk in front of the building’s staircase. “Then […]

Art mirrors Russia

Russia, the famous red machine. The Soviet Empire, The Cold War, The Berlin Wall.  Shady politics, strict nationalism, censored media. Russia has always fascinated us in North America, if not the entire world. It isn’t just the Americans that have […]