Misusing the Soap Box – Issue 1

So here we are, it’s June and that means the start of another year! Well not really, but for us at The Sputnik it feels that way. For the first time in two years we have a different management team, and that is both terrifying and exciting! We couldn’t be more proud of the work that has been done in the past, and we can’t wait to build off that.

We have tried a lot of things at The Sputnik in the past. There was the infamous Hentai cover, endless changes to the front page, and even a failed attempt, almost ten years ago, to have the national university journalism conference in little ol’ Brantford. My favourite part of this bid was that the proposed key speaker was none other than Mike Duffy himself. They probably went with that because he promised to pay them off, but then last second he was like “oops I don’t have the money,” and so that never happened. That’s probably exactly how it went down.

While we do not currently have plans to feature politicians that are sitting trial, we do have some wrinkles that we are excited to unveil.

Along with producing our best newspaper every second Wednesday, we are excited to highlight some new areas of focus.

Coming soon, our website, www.thesputnik.ca, wil be completely revamped. We are excited to make The Sputnik an online destination, pushing the boundaries of the kinds and styles of media a student publication can produce. We also have a brand new video department, inspired by those cool video cliips that YTV had on The Zone. Or not. But we think you guys will love it.

To go along with this, we are going to devote our efforts to bringing you not just bi-weekly, but daily news. Because, you know what, you Laurier-Brantford Goldenhawks deserve it, you guys are the life-blood that keeps….. Ah, wow, sorry that was way too cheesy. Basically we want to produce more content because we enjoy doing it. It keeps us having fun, and we hope you will enjoy reading it..

We are thrilled to show you guys what is to come. We hope you enjoy this issue, and come September this next era of The Sputnik will be unveiled in full.

Now sit back, have an apple juice, and read this issue on your porch in the morning in the sun while those pesky Brantford squirrels eat your pancakes and poop on your lawn chairs.

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