From ‘un-adoptable’ to adopted

When you think of adoption what do you picture? Maybe a loving smiling family with two parents and a child. Today adoption and fostering in Canada has been opened to include the many different definitions of family that our society […]

Who Needs Saving?

Recently an ad popped up in my internet browser that read, “Missionaries in Africa – Saving Lives & Spreading the Gospel”. Considering I had just returned from West Africa my curiosity spiked. I clicked the link and read “Our driving […]

Battling Bill C-51

Saturday March 14 marked National Day of Action against Bill C-51, and thousands of protestors gathered in cities across Canada to speak out against the bill. Stephanie Dearing organized the “snap-action” protest against Bill C-51 for the community of Brant. […]

Brantford groups celebrate local women

International Women’s Day is March 8, and this year the UN is looking to challenge nations to enact equal rights for women. In what began as small celebrations of women throughout Europe in 1911, by 1977 the UN had created […]