Amber Richardson

Hi! I’m Amber, a fourth year concurrent education/sociology student with a fiery passion for journalism. While I do love teaching and working with children, I love researching and reporting and contributing new information to the world far more than just regurgitating. I am the resident sex columnist, and contribute other articles about all things artsy and entertaining. I am also the editor-in-chief of Laurier Brantford’s yearbook The Carnegie….yes we have a yearbook, as well as a DJ for Radio Laurier with Mr. Sebastien Bell. I have an insane love for dogs, tea, and photography…and maybe rhyming too.

Around the world in two days for ten bucks

This past weekend marked the 41st annual Brantford International Villages Festival. 15 villages were scattered across Brantford, enticing people with their exotic dances, traditional dress, and mouthwatering delicacies. Among the most popular villages, judging by the crazy lines, were Latin […]

Visitors serenaded at Bell Homestead

On June 22, the Brantford Memorial Concert at Bell Homestead brought over 100 people together for an afternoon of music in the sun. The band sat picturesquely poised beneath a willow tree, playing their spring repertoire while dandelion poofs rhythmically […]

Brantford Pride is more than a march

June 20-21 marked Brantford’s fourth annual Pride Celebration. The festivities kicked off with the raising of the rainbow flag at city hall. LGBT community members and allies gathered at 100 Wellington Square to hear speeches from Mayor Chris Friel, Brantford […]

June is Recreation and Parks month

Recreation and Parks month has been in June since 2005, and was started in an effort to encourage Ontario citizens to be more involved with their communities. Brantford is among the many participating cities in Ontario, and the Brantford Parks and Recreation […]

Canadian Spotlight: USS

What do you get when you mix quirky introvert Ashley “Ash Boo-Shultz” Buccholz with over-the-top extrovert Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons? Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, also lovingly known as USS. USS have been riding the Canadian airwaves since 2008, after their debut […]

Downtown Brantford blackout

On October 22 at approximately 6:45 p.m., most of downtown Brantford experienced a power outage. All classes and exams came to a screeching halt, and campus foyers and hallways were packed with disoriented students, not knowing whether to take off […]

What is Cinema?

The world premiere of Chuck Workman’s What is Cinema? debuted this past Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The film was a riveting portraiture of the creation and maintenance of the artistic integrity of cinematic films, ranging from blockbusters to […]