Album Reviews: Matthew Good and Avicii

Matthew Good, Arrows of Desire  3/5

Canadian icon Matthew Good released his latest studio album Arrows of Desire on September 24th. The album has a familiar Matt Good sting to it–the one that makes you question all of your life choices. Arrows of Desire provides a commentary on love and society, undeniably touching on particular issues surrounding mental health as well. Good’s political activism is apparent through the lyrics of plea woven throughout the album, but it isn’t an overly preachy, self-righteous political album like one might expect it to be. The music is relatively simple as far as rock goes, with clean verses leading into a grungier chorus, unquestionably influenced by the nineties. Arrows of Desire is an easy listen, but it isn’t a pick-me-up album, so be warned.

Recommended Songs: Via Dolorosa and Had it Coming


Avicii, True 4/5

 Swedish house DJ, Avicii, released his first studio album on September 13th. Avicii enlisted the help of musicians such as Mike Einziger and Adam Lambert to create an album with a truly unique sound. True is a solid mix of EDM, folk, and country, which is a drastic change from the typical house sound he’s produced in the past. This album is fun and lively, and kind of makes you want to have a cowboy boot dance party. The nice thing about True is that it makes you want to dance without being too clubby, so you can listen to it in your bedroom without the urge to pop molly and party for days.

Recommended Songs: Wake Me Up, Hey Brother

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