Fall Fashion Lookbook ’13

Jess Manente
Brittany Wilson
Rhiannon Myers.
(Photos by Cody Hoffman)














Fall fashion remains relatively similar each year, though the particular layer styles and “in colours” undeniably vary. This year, there are a few female fashion trends to keep your eyes peeled for, most notably including the infinity scarf, oxfords, and burgundy.

Tops: Patterned button downs (floral, plaid), Jean Shirts, Crew Neck Sweatshirts,  Crocheted Oversize Sweaters,

Cardigans, High-cut Dresses

Bottoms: High waisted jeans, Coloured chinos, Leggings (butt covered, high socks), Shorts with Tights,Long skirts

Shoes: Riding boots, Combat boots, Oxfords (boot or shoe style), Moccasins

Accessories: Infinity Scarf, Aviators, Cabin Socks, Bib Necklace, Nylon Tights

Colours: Burgundy, Grey, Mustard



Ben Brenner
Ben Brenner
Cyrus Byramjee
Ali Sukru. (Photos by Cody Hoffman)
Ali Sukru. (Photos by Cody Hoffman)













Though it seems like fashion never changes for men, we have noticed a few trends that are popping up around campus that are keeping our fellas fashion friendly this fall.

Colours: Tan, Burgundy, Grey,Burnt Orange,Mustard

Tops: Button downs (denim, plaid, plain), Knitted Cardigans, Raglan Tees, V-Neck Sweaters (layered)

Bottoms: Tapered Jeans, Coloured trousers (mustard, burnt orange, burgundy), Slim fit Kakis

Shoes: Loafers, Moccasins, Oxfords, Ankle Riding boots

Accessories: Infinity Scarf, Big Watch, Wayfarers, Messenger bag



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