Laurier Brantford bites: A taste of your local eateries

Sushi on Colborne. (Photo by Oren Weiner)
Sushi on Colborne. (Photo by Oren Weiner)

Your student cafeteria is anything you make it. Here are eight excellent choices in downtown Brantford that have the credentials of affordability, quality food, locality and are no further than a five to 10 minute walk from anywhere on campus.

If anyone is an expert on breakfast, it is Walt Junior from the hit AMC series Breaking Bad. Junior would agree that Kel’s Family Restaurant is the best place for a nice sit down breakfast.It hosts a variety of traditional and unique home-cooked breakfast and brunch dishes, and is located at 153 West Street, across from the VIA Rail station. Customers are mostly regulars, as not many can just go once. The yummy food and friendly service will make it your new monthly ritual.

If I had to pick a denomination of pizza, it would be Posto; I religiously order this pizza, and I honestly don’t touch pizza from anywhere else. Their “Pick-Up Special”, two medium pizzas with two toppings each, is fairly inexpensive.

Pizza Posto serves up the best pizza deals downtown. Located at 213 Market Street, they focus on deep dish pizza, with a selection of 21 toppings and a variety of side orders.

Taco Tuesday: three Tacos for a reasonably low price. When thinking of a burrito, you are usually not prepared to even imagine what the Burrito Brothers bring to the counter. The combination of customizability and quality has been making their tacos and burritos works of art since 2012. Three words for you: gourmet, fresh and delicious.

No amount of McDonald’s burgers will prepare you for one burger from Admiral’s. Most patties are nothing compared to the burgers at Admiral Submarine, located at 55 Dalhousie Street. They don’t have a drive-thru, and they don’t get handed to you with a kiss from your mom, but the food you get from Admiral’s is undoubtedly better than any you will get from a fast-food joint or your parents’ barbeque. When they hand you that box, you won’t question why they don’t hand food out a window.

Sandwiches, hot meats, hearty soups, stews, chili and I can’t go without mentioning the tender pulled pork sandwiches. If you think you know a real lunch, you don’t, until you know Strode’s. Hot and ready food waiting to be dished, daily specials, and a B.B.Q. made to look like a pig make Strode’s the ideal lunch venue. It’s located at 117 Market Street, beside Imperial Hall.

Without a doubt in my stomach, the best Almond Soo Guy for miles comes from Oriental, located at 162-164 Market Street. A selection of delicious dinner combinations feeds groups from one to six people with prices ranging from under seven dollars to upwards of 60. A great place to go out for a meal with friends and the perfect takeout suggestion to end a busy week of school, you can relax and eat some good, filling food and still have some leftovers.

What would a downtown full of liberal arts students be incomplete without?

Sushi! To be more specific, it’s Sushi On Colborne, located at 120 Colborne Street, and featuring a Japanese and Chinese style cuisine. The affordability is unbelievable when confronting the amazing quality and taste of beautifully displayed and well-sized portions. Signature Maki Rolls at most are priced at about 20 dollars. That is a few bucks cheaper than most sushi places. The salad and Miso soup are the biggest portions I have been served anywhere.

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