Addicted to the ink

Can you become addicted to tattoos? The word addiction is often tossed around when talking about tattoos. There are several physiological and psychological reasons why people believe it is possible to become addicted to this growing trend. “They can be […]

Canadian Spotlight: USS

What do you get when you mix quirky introvert Ashley “Ash Boo-Shultz” Buccholz with over-the-top extrovert Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons? Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, also lovingly known as USS. USS have been riding the Canadian airwaves since 2008, after their debut […]

Coming out: Ellen Page

I freakin’ love the movie Juno, I wish there was a classier way to express my particular sentiments for the film, but that exact word “freakin’” sums it up perfectly.  Canadian born actress Ellen Page flawlessly embodied the starring character […]

The heart of Canadian culture

Have you ever studied Aboriginal artwork? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a large part of Canadian culture. The Aboriginal settlers as you may know were the first people to settle in Canada. Unlike many cultures, the Aboriginals’ […]

Celebrity fad diets

New Year, new you … right? You’ve probably been mulling over potential resolutions since mid-Christmas dinner, when that darling food baby swelled in your stomach (feel free to blame Grandma). Your New Year’s resolutions probably revolve around putting down the […]

Black is back

Remember the good ol’ days when all you could do was turn around and someone would be talking about Rebecca Black and how horrible her song Friday was? Well, Rebecca remembers it – and I think she loves it. Almost […]