Album review: Drake’s Nothing Was the Same

September 24th marked the highly anticipated release of Drake’s newest album Nothing Was the Same. A tasteful requiem to his music’s evolution, this album features sultry sounds that embody Drake’s self-reflective and soulful insecurities. The album cover features a unique artistic rendition of Drake as a baby that directly contrasts the artwork on the deluxe album, an illustration of “grown up” Drake. The album covers is symbolic of the evolution of his music and his journey to the top. In a position where he no longer has to prove himself in the industry, and one Grammy richer, his cocky and edgy tones give these tracks a distinctive flavor of confidence. What the album lacks in club appeal it regains in sex appeal through tasteful tempo changes and slow beats. However, caution is recommended as various tracks may induce baby-making and ex-calling behaviors. Collaborations with Jay-Z, and with Big Sean and 2 Chainz (in the deluxe edition) give it an additional urban rap appeal. Drake’s notorious lack of media presence gives his lyrics an essence of authenticity and offers a glimpse into his personal life. Additionally his domestically inspired lyrics like “Take Eglinton to 401 East and exit at Markham Road,” from the track Connect creates a humble Toronto tribute and keep his roots close to heart. An album this stunning is worth a listen to caress both your ears and heart. Drizzy’s latest beats offer and unprecedented soundtrack to his life that give the album substance and edge.  R&B fans and Rap genres unite in a soul filled way making Nothing Was the Same worth a thorough listen.

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