Ford Cracks

November 13th 2013 – Mayor Rob Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs while he was in the position of mayor. The Toronto City Council then voted 37-5, asking Rob Ford to step down as mayor and deal with his personal […]

Rob Ford has had enough… and gets enough

November 15th, 2013 – TORONTO, ON: Toronto’s Mayor, Rob not only used graphic language but finally cracked and admitted to being “pushed over the line,” while apologizing for his comments towards released police documents. Early Thursday morning, new allegations we’re […]

Ford repents … Kind of.

By Swathy Sooriyakumar, Staff writer and Nathanael Lewis, News Editor November 7th, 2013 – TORONTO, ON: Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford is in the fire again after the release of a video. Not the crack video everyone has been expecting, but another […]

Students in debt, volunteering abroad

  Fresh out of graduation, high school graduates dread the increasing price of tuition. Reality strikes and students currently in post-secondary live off of cheap microwaveable meals in order to balance spending costs – including pricy volunteer trips abroad. At […]

Rising from rock bottom

There are countless stories of people from Brantford suffering because of the city’s economy. Thousands of people lost their jobs almost overnight and the city had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. While the city is thriving […]

Fall reading list

  It is no secret that University requires a lot of reading. While so many of us are busy turning pages of textbooks, journal articles and newspapers, our personal reading list – that is, what we want to actually read […]

No sexy nurses

  MTV debuted their latest show “Scrubbing In” following the party lifestyle of attractive twenty-something nurses in Los Angeles. October 24 marked the debut of the show and the nursing community hasn’t particularly welcomed it with open arms. The show […]

I am not “the gay best friend”

  Think about this. Imagine walking into a room filled with people you don’t know, excluding the person who invited you to this school function. Most of us have been there. Let’s add to this a bit, though. You hangout […]

Bring on the cheese

A trade agreement made between the EU and Canadian governments plans to privilege each side with nearly unlimited access to the other’s market. The agreement, which was finalized on Friday, will eliminate about 98 per cent of all EU tariff […]

Leafs Nation update

Few Leafs fans will be able to forget the game seven meltdown against the Boston Bruins in last year’s playoffs. It was a traumatic moment that set the stage for a summer of big changes in the Leaf Nation. General […]