New hit on Lifetime: Witches of East End

Unfortunately for all the goblin-loving, ghost hunting, and potion brewing people in the world, Halloween only comes once a year. Before we have a chance to say “BOO”, our pretend witch’s brooms are being putting away, decorations are being brought down, and the sweet taste of candy corn is only a distant memory. For those of you prone to experiencing post-Halloween withdrawal, I have some wicked news for you. There’s a new, enchanting, magical, and mysterious show airing on Lifetime Canada, and Halloween is every Sunday night at 10.

Two sisters, one secret, and a lot of drama. These are the words that can be used to describe Witches of East End, a show that brings whole new meaning to the word suspense. Lead by an all-star cast including Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Rachel Boston, the series centers around two sisters, Freya and Ingrid (Dewan-Tatum, Boston), who – unbeknownst to them – are the next generation of family witches. After the sisters are told of their incredible powers, mysterious events begin plaguing them in their small North Hampton town. Both realize quickly that everything they once knew has changed forever and that the future has more surprises in store for them than either could have imagined.

Watch Witches of East End anytime you need a break from reality and a spooky plot line.

Just don’t get too comfortable.

What you need to know:

Who: For fans of shows like Charmed, Smallville, and Supernatural

What: Witches of East End, a new show based on a novel in a series of books by Melissa de la Cruz

Where: Lifetime Canada

When: Every Sunday at 10 p.m.

Why: Watching a show that’s filled with mystery is a nice break from studying. Getting caught up in drama-filled story lines can be a nice break from reality (like you forgetting to study for that exam worth half your grade)

How: By grabbing the remote (you’re roommate has to give it up sometime)

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