Ford Cracks

November 13th 2013 – Mayor Rob Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs while he was in the position of mayor.

The Toronto City Council then voted 37-5, asking Rob Ford to step down as mayor and deal with his personal problems. Two of those five votes were from Ford and his brother, Doug Ford, pressing against the movement.

During the meeting, City Councillor, Denzil Minnan-Wong asked Ford, “Have you purchased drugs in the last two years?” Ford went silent for a few seconds and finally responded, “Yes, I have.”

The Mayor was also accused of physically “threatening” Minnan-Wong, the councilor who is pushing forward a motion calling on him.

According to an article by the National Post,

The mayor was asked by Speaker Frances Nunziata to apologize to Mr. Denzil Minnan-Wong for the earlier confrontation, drawing an angry reaction from Ford, who said he had nothing to apologize for.

‘All I asked him to do is take his seat while people are asking questions,’ Ford said. ‘I did not threaten him in any way, shape or form… there is nothing to apologize for when I’m following the rules.’

Mr. Minnan-Wong said: ‘What he was doing is threatening me by his presence and standing close to me. And it was deliberate.’


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