Alex Vialette

I'm super into art and everything nerdy, bonus points when those two meet. My music taste is broad, but usually I'm either listening listening to punk or indie rock. I love writing about weird and uncommon stories when I can find one. Born and raised in Montreal, QC.

City opts out of cannabis shops

Brantford city councillors voted against legalizing cannabis stores in the city on Jan. 15.  The vote will delay the opening of any cannabis retailers for Brantford again, with it originally being promised for October 2018 under the Wynn administration and then April […]

Santa Claus parade returns to Brantford

The 44th annual Brantford Santa Claus Parade drew festive onlookers downtown on Nov. 24, all of them excited to start the Christmas season.    Wagons filled with kids and parents camping out with coffees on lawn chairs lined Dalhousie Street […]

Poke restaurant opens in Brantford

Reel+Raw Poke held their grand opening on Monday, adding another restaurant to the downtown food scene.  “We’re getting really positive feedback on social media,” co-owner Lee DaCosta said. “Word of mouth is really powerful and it seems to be doing […]

Cannabis now legal across the nation

1093 days after being elected and 473 days after hoping to have legislation in place, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has legalized recreational cannabis in Canada.  Trudeau declared that cannabis legalization would be a top priority if his Liberal […]

Butter tart festival brings out many

The second Great Canadian Butter Tart Festival brought hordes of pastry lovers to the Paris Fairgrounds on Oct. 13.  “It’s awesome,” said owner of Joannie’s Pastries Joan Hepburn with an enormous smile, “this is my very first one.”  Hepburn opened her […]

New students not a problem for city

The growing student population in Brantford has made downtown a hotspot for student housing, but Laurier, Conestoga and the city are all ready to bring more in.  “At this time last year we had about 125 students, all domestic, and […]

Problems with Snap Map update

Snapchat has attempted to keep its throne by adding new a feature Snap Map. In an effort to keep its users from abandoning it for other platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat has added a map plug-in. This plug-in, called the Snap Map, shows users local stories and the […]

Large increase in value of ether

Ethereum has taken the altcoin spotlight following a boom in value of ether. Ethereum is a blockchain platform created by University of Waterloo dropout Vitalik Buterin. A blockchain is effectively a public record of something. Whatever that something is depends on the network. Most commonly, blockchains are used for commercial purposes […]

Take a journey in the great outdoors

Of all the journeys one could take, the easiest and potentially most important in today’s society is exploring the great outdoors.   With the march of progress being ever forward, and countryside urbanizing to meet that progress’ economic needs, city […]

University drinking cultures

It should come to no surprise that every university has its own campus culture, but drinking culture is much more unique. At the Laurier Brantford campus, Nelson parties, hitting up NV, and the odd student popping molly are some of […]