Clerks: The best of Brantford

Brantford’s downtown is home to a wide variety of shops and small businesses. These businesses define Brantford, but what defines the businesses? This is the inspiration behind “Clerks”; getting to know those who know us so well. From our shoe size to our favourite item on the menu, these business owners make us feel more like family than customers. With that being said, let us shine the spotlight on Clerks: The best of Brantford.

To say the least, Brantford is its own weird and quirky town. Spread throughout the downtown there are tons of small and unique restaurants and shops that help define the area and Laurier campus. With 2016 nearly wrapped up, here is a few fan favourite establishments you can find around downtown.



Crazy Bills


Ashley Boake, Crazy Bill’s daughter

If you had to pick one reason, why do you think students like your store so much?

“Because of the variety. Not only do we just sell food for last minute shopping, we also have the extra stuff that they need like papers, et cetera.”

Out of your inventory, do you have a favourite piece of glass?

“I do yes, it would be in the high end glass. It’s a rather expensive piece, it would be the woodgrain Blitzkrieg. It is our most expensive piece.”

How much does it go for?

“$3,800. That’s a collaboration piece, two glassblowers made that. It’s my favourite.”



Stan’s Fries


Lori Brown, Fry cook

What do you think the most essential step to making good fries is?

“Hmm… Having the right worker.”

Are you guys open during the winter?

“We’re open all year.”

Does it get cold in the shack?

“We’ve got a heater, but we try everything.”



The Kitchen


Brett Pottruff, Co-Owner

Since you guys make everything from scratch, is it healthier than regular fast food?

“Definitely, everything is made from completely natural ingredients. Less salt, less sugar, less everything. There’s not a single thing in here that’s not an actual ingredient, so it’s definitely healthier. Though it’s not health food it is still is healthy food.”

Which soup of the day is your favourite?

“I’m hard with favourites, depends on the day and changes all the time. Probably the Cajun chicken corn chowder I like a lot and sweet potato honey soup.”




Burrito Brothers


Van Quach, Owner

What sets you apart from other burrito places?

“The owners are here every day pretty much, we’re very hands on. We make sure everything that leaves the door is what we want, where a lot of other places, they all have workers that might not care as much as the owners.”

How do you take your burrito?

“I usually have it with fish and sweet potato. The sweet potato gives it a nice sweetness to it and it has a lot of nutrients so it’s good for you.”




Starving Artist


Christina Hajiioannou, Owner

How do you take your coffee?

“One milk, two sugar!”

Does the art you guys have sell well?

“Yes! I have sold 338 paintings to date in just over one year… This is a very special show, it’s from the Canadian Mental Health Association and its called Race to Wellness.”






Lawrence Xurieb, Owner’s son

You guys have a reputation among students for being the spot downtown for drunk food, how’d you get that?

“It didn’t take very long, we used to be open 24/7 so mostly by being open all night. It was mostly the main spot for bars or people that go to bars come here after and eat mostly poutine. It’s mostly deep fried food so that’s bar related food for the most part.”

How do you guys come up with the amount of poutines you have on the menu?

“We’re at 33, with 20 more coming within the next couple of months. Pretty much if you have an idea, if we have the ingredients in house and we can a poutine then we’ll bring anything to the table. So if anybody has any ideas they can make their own poutine. It’s mostly my father who is the creator of most of those poutines.”

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