Brittany Bennett

What’s your thing?

Meet Brantford, the secret city of sex and arousalW Some know Brantford as the Telephone City, or the hometown of that hockey player Wayne Gretzky, or as that city near Six Nations of the Grand River First Nations reserve, but […]

What’s your thing

[starbox] Meet Lynda Vanderstelt, the candle maker.   As soon as you walk through the door of Serenity Country Candles located in Brantford’s Holmedale core, your spirits are lifted as you feel your body slowly become at ease. Each different […]

The essence of laughter

Laughter is a universal, natural phenomenon shared around the world in the lives of human beings. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, where you came from, or how you were raised, you know how to laugh. Let’s be real, […]

What’s your thing?

Meet Riley Campbell, the retro pop artist. Now we’re not talking about the next Justin Bieber here. This is actual pop art: a cultural movement that took the 60s art world to a new realm of fun and exciting ways […]

What can we expect to see for Laurier’s future?

Last year brought many complicating conversations about the future of Wilfrid Laurier University that we cannot forget. The announcement of the projected $25-million deficit, the cutting of 22 support staff, breaking ties with Nipissing University, program changes, and a drop […]

What’s your thing?

  Meet Mandala Ataksak, the Whirling Warrior. Eleven years ago, 20 year old Ataksak found herself on a road trip hitting up festivals in the South Eastern United States with her cousin. One festival in particular changed her life forever. […]

Seeing the sexy in fitness

Pulling into the parking lot I can tell I have the right place, as a lady in hot pink above lures my attention to the sign titled “Allure Fitness Inc.” “Get sexy, get fit.” Allure Fitness is no ordinary fitness studio. While they offer the usual classes such as […]

Is university worth the debt?

Post-secondary education is in higher demand than it has ever been before. Not only do employers love to see a college or university education listed on your resume, they expect it. In this competitive society we have to give them […]

Rantin’ & Ravin’

Rantin’ & Ravin’ A column by Opinion Editor Brittany Bennett on the mind blowing occasions that really make her question her faith in humanity. A war zone takes over a shopping center I walk into Target the other day, and […]