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Meet Brantford, the secret city of sex and arousalW

Some know Brantford as the Telephone City, or the hometown of that hockey player Wayne Gretzky, or as that city near Six Nations of the Grand River First Nations reserve, but little is spoken about Brantford for its sex life.

Just like any other city, Brantford too has its dirty little secrets.

For students familiar with the downtown core, we know that spaces like The Habit, and The Gentleman’s Club are likely contributing to the mood sustaining downtown’s sexual desires. According to the Brant County Health Unit, 2012-2014 showed 128 births in the downtown Core.

But like restaurants and grocery stores, there is more to Brantford than what exists in the downtown core.

Darlene Luffman, employee of Brantford’s Love Shop on King George Road, says that vibrators are one of their most popular items to sell. But it’s not just to the women in on the scene, Brantford’s men are known to frequent the shop, buying toys and lingerie for their partners, especially around Valentine’s Day.

Craigslist has shown a huge desire in the Brantford-Woodstock area with over 1300 posts currently seeking casual encounters, but for the majority, it’s a sausage fest. These posts range from “meaty cock deepthroat for gentleman” and “blo me and go” to “any women interested in having their ass worshipped?” and “ever kicked a guy in his nuts before?” With quite a few posts in the men seeking women, and men seeking men categories, none of the Brantford area posts are listed as “women seeking men” or “women seeking women.”

“There’s a lot of bondage in Brantford, a lot of bondage,” says Luffman. Brantford’s Love Shop sees a large mixture of clientele, from 18 up to 82 years old, and the experience is quite varied. But Luffman has noticed more and more young couples wishing to begin new and exciting things in the bed.

“Some of the people that come in here, you wouldn’t think are into a lot of these things, like the bondage and stuff,” says Luffman. “It’s really neat, like people you wouldn’t know.”

A very popular product that many customers venture to Brantford’s Love Shop for is called Performance Plus: an all-natural male enhancer. Brantford men use this natural form of Viagra not just to help get it up, but because it boasts to be “side effect free” with the promise of helping one last longer than usual.

“Sex is everywhere, and it’s growing,” says Luffman.

While sifting through online chatrooms such as “The Adult Hub” and “Let’s Meet Up” it is easy to see the large community of Brantford men seeking fun sexual encounters over the very few women listed. Although, “The Adult Hub” does have a fair amount of couples looking to swing with other couples, or add an additional person to the bedroom mix.

There is a community of women seeking new sexual encounters in Brantford. “Women are getting more liberated in using strap-ons and pegs with their boyfriends,” says Lydia Keith, Manager at Brantford’s Stag Shop, also on King George Road. Since the roar of Fifty Shades of Grey, Keith says that restraints have also become much more popular.

The Stag Shop explained that vibrators are also one of their most popular products. New technology lets people control their partner’s vibrators from afar.

Both Brantford’s Love Shop and Stag Shop admit to their large student-based clientele, yet The Habit has been receiving negative flack for having their adult rated products in this student atmosphere. Give it up Brantford, we all know you’re hot for some kinky fun. Sex is here and although the male dominated scene seems to be holding up these city walls, women of Brantford are also venturing out with new and exciting sexual adventures in mind.

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