The Sputnik Presents: A Furry Christmas

Kyla Garvagh

Owner: Kyla Garvagh

Name: Chewbacca

Breed: Tabby cat

Age: 2

Wish list: Lots of hair ties

Fun fact: This fury ball loves helping his humans open their gifts Christmas morning




Kyra Zahn

Owner: Kyra Zahn

Name: Kindred Spirit

Breed: Barn Owl

Age: 2

Wish list: A fancy outfit for New Years and peace on earth

Fun fact: This angry looking chap may not be alive in real life, but he is very lively in the hearts of his humans




Lara Shkilnyk

Owner: Lara Shkilnyk

Name: Leo

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 12

Wish list: An unbreakable chew toy

Fun fact: This guy snores louder than most humans




Lauren Onslow

Owner: Lauren Onslow

Name: Harley

Breed: Chihuahua Pug

Age: 1

Wish list: More socks to steal and cuddles

Fun fact: This tiny boy will only eat his food if you say “amen” or “okay get it” before




Riley Campbell

Owner: Riley Campbell

Name: Oreo

Breed: Portuguese Water dog

Age: 12

Wish list: Peace on earth

Fun fact: Although it is in his breed, this old guy does not enjoy swimming




Samantha IrvineOwner: Samantha Irvine

Name: Buck

Breed: Pug

Age: 9

Wish list: A new sweater, some treats and a stuffie

Fun fact: This perky guy can lick his own eyeball




Sarah Consoli

Owner: Sarah Consoli

Name: Maggie

Breed: English Bulldog

Age: 3

Wish list: Life supply of cookies

Fun fact: This pretty gal has a cork-screw tail that is unusual for her breed



Sarah Eyndhoven SimbaOwner: Sarah Eyndhoven

Name: Simba
Domestic Shorthair cat

Age: 2 (5 months in picture)

Wish list: New mouse toys, catnip and a new box to play and sleep in
Fun fact:
This little boy has managed to escape from every harness he has ever worn




Sarah Eyndhoven Jasper

Owner: Sarah Eyndhoven

Name: Jasper

Breed: Main Coon and Domestic Longhair cat

Age: 6 in kitty heaven

Wish list: More toys and affection from angel humans

Fun fact: This bundle of joy was the most affectionate cat you would have ever met




Shelby Do

Owner: Shelby Do

Name: Luna

Breed: Cat

Age: 3

Wish list: Pipe cleaners, Whiskas Temptations, and more squirrels to watch in her backyard

Fun fact: This smart cookie knows how to play fetch and shake a paw




Tammy Bennett

Owner: Tammy Bennett

Name: Jax (left), Sneakers (right)

Breed: Havanese Jack Russel (left), Bichon-poo (right)

Age: 2 (left), 9 (right)

Wish list: Our own human bed and a full-time cuddle partner

Tayler Buchanan

Owner: Tayler Buchanan

Name: Kitty

Breed: Cat

Age: 3 (but the spirit of 85)

Wish list: For her owners to stop taking pictures of her

Fun fact: This old-hearted soul followed her owner home one day and the household has had her ever since

Taylor Henry

Taylor Henry

Name: Titan (right)

Breed: Lab, German Shepard and Boarder Collie

Age: 6

Wish list: Treats, toys, a new bed and a new baby brother

Fun fact: This big guy can open a fridge all by himself and loves playing with his friend Nemo who is to the left of him in this picture




Kristen BurryCMYK

Owner: Kristen Burry

Name: Tilly

Breed: Shorkie

Age: 2

Wish list: A bone twice her size

Fun fact: This wiggly little one gets so excited when she sees humans that her tail shakes her whole bum and she loses her balance quite easily



Jason FoersterCMYKOwner: Jason Foerster

Name: Nyssa

Breed: German Shepard Border Collie

Age: 9 months

Wish list: Rope toys that will be destroyed very quickly

Fun fact: Although this energetic girl doesn’t know how to howl, she often tried very hard to




Jaclyn BrownCMYK

Owner: Jaclyn Brown

Name: Howard (left) and Legend (right)

Breed: Black Lab (left), German Shepard-husky (right)

Age: Three (left), four (right)

Wish list: Howard – forgiveness for eating a long list of owner’s things, Legend – a new rubber ball

Fun fact: These two handsome fellas are both rescue dogs from Saskatoon




Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.14.59 AM

Owner: Falynn Whynacht

Name: Sweetee

Breed: Short Hair Domestic cat

Age: 11

Wish list: A ton of catnip and a crunchy plastic bag

Fun fact: This cute little one has a patch of fur shaped like a heart on her side



Falynn Whynacht HamishcmykOwner: Falynn Whynacht

Name: Hamish

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Age: 8

Wish list: Frozen pumpkin bits, a fun toy, an automatic back door just for me and a step stool for the couch

Fun fact: This furry boy follows his sister Dixie wherever she goes, even that one time with the skunk




Falynn Whynacht DixieCMYK

Owner: Falynn Whynacht

Name: Dixie

Breed: Jack Russel, Cocker Spaniel and Poodle

Age: 11

Wish list: A full box of treats, ropes and toys that will be destroyed within five minutes and a personal scratch and rub therapist for all cuddling needs

Fun fact: This little gift enjoys sleeping under blankets and sticking his bum in his human’s faces






Devon WinklerCMYKOwner: Devon Winkler

Name: Bear

Breed: Morkie

Age: 6

Wish list: A new kong and some liver Benny Bullies

Fun fact: This little dude can say “peekaboo” and knows all his toys by name!



Taylor BurtOwner: Taylor Burt

Name: Carmen

Breed: Sheltie Golden Retriever

Age: 11

Wish list: A new collar and some treats

Fun fact: This sneaky gal once jumped out of a bedroom window onto the garage roof and the fire department had to get her down




Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.27.52 AMGabrielle Lantaigne

Name: Bindi

Breed: Domestic Longhair cat

Age: 8 weeks

Wish list: A potted plant to jump on and destroy

Fun fact: This tiny kitten mitten lived on a boat before being rescued


Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.22.36 AM

Owner: Adrianna Neto

Name: Talula

Breed: Morkie

Age: 1

Wish list: Some smelly socks to chew on and a permanent belly rubber

Fun fact: This little one’s best friend is a 150lb English Mastiff




Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.20.49 AM

Owner: Alex Bowers

Name: Mirabella

Breed: Jack Russel

Age: 12

Wish list: Soft chew toys, a tooth brush, every copy of Air Bud on Blu Ray, a bigger doggy door Fun Fact: After cold walks in the winter this little gal loves to warm up in a hot blanket fresh out of the dryer



Becky Fuchscmyk

Owner: Becky Fuchs

Name: Kingston

Breed: Paint Thoroughbred cross horse

Age: 10

Wish list: A new winter blanket to keep him toasty on cold nights

Fun fact: This big guy is a barn favourite with his quirky sweet personality, he even gives kisses for treats




Ashley ChancmyOwner: Ashley Chan

Name: Sully

Breed: Tabby cat

Age: 3 months

Wish list: Toys and for everyone to enjoy their Christmas break with family and friends

Fun fact: Just like Big Foot, this young little one is difficult to catch on camera as he is always on the run




Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.25.01 AMOwner: Christina Manocchio

Name: Blossom

Breed: Korat cat

Age: 4

Wish list: For Santa to plant more trees she can climb up and give more mice to chase

Fun fact: This smokey girl hunts all of her toy mice and puts them in her food bowl every night





Owner: Hayli LaRue

Name: Michelangelo

Breed: Rex rabbit

Age: 8 months

Wish list: Baked pretzel treats and carrots

Fun fact: This lazy dude quite loves chewing on the Christmas tree and will come running if you shake his treat bag




12346659_10206806575136357_1157196615_nOwner: Kathleen Binder

Name: Allie

Breed: Tabby cat

Age: 7

Wish list: Kitty treats, and a new pink mousey

Fun fact: This picky kitty will only play with pink toys, she’s kind of a diva


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