Hilarious last-minute do-it-yourself Halloween costumes

That spooky night of fun is fast approaching, and so are those costume-mandatory events that all our friends have been bugging us to attend this weekend. Still have no clue what you are going to dress up as? Not to worry, we have some easy, cheap do-it-yourself costume ideas that are punny enough to make the cut.

Let us start with the oh-so-delicious French classic, chicken cordon bleu. This one will be able to crack a smile from the most serious character of the evening. It is as simple as wearing a blue shirt, wrapping a phone cord around your neck with a rubber chicken attached to it. Get it? Chicken cord on blue! Throw this one together in minutes and have people laughing the whole night away.

Now, everyone remembers those awful school pictures where our mothers dressed us up in the ugliest of outfits that clashed horribly with the cheesy background options. That’s a scary enough thought to recollect. So grab some bristle paper from the dollar store and recreate whatever old-school background you remember – colourful lasers are always the best of course, cut two holes near the center and string a ribbon through each so that you can attach the board to your back by tying the ribbon around your waist. Next up is the ugly school picture attire: preferably a cheesy long sleeve with patterns. Cut two more holes in the back of your shirt to string the ribbon through and keep it underneath and out of sight. Just add a ton of hair spray and glasses, and you are brought back to the dreadful school picture day in grade three all over again.

Since you will be with a bunch of partiers anyways, you know the stoner group is going to love a good pot joke: so be a pot head! Grab one of those plastic pots from Walmart and strap it to your head; you can even dress it up with some fake flowers and you’ll have all those squinty bloodshot eyes on you with a raspy chuckle to soon follow.

Want to be something that is out of this world? How about those shooting stars we find ourselves straining our necks to find on those drunken walks home. This is another dollar store friendly idea: just get yourself a toy gun and stick some star stickers all over your golden outfit and you’ve got yourself a shooting star.

Another food inspired costume brings an appetizer favourite: devilled eggs. This one has definitely been done before, but is incredibly easy and cute to boot. Just cut an egg shape out of white bristle board, paint the center yellow and cut two holes at the top to tie it around your neck with string. The devil attire can be found at any store that sells costumes for the season and you’ve got yourself a devil-ed egg.

Let us end these options off by taking the puns up a notch and see if your friends can guess a popular cliché. Throw on a long coat, a wig and the classic disguising mustache, nose and glasses with the words “bless you” taped to your chest. There is nothing like a blessing in disguise to put a smile on the faces of a crowd.

Don’t be that guy that shows up to a Halloween party without a costume. Nobody is too cool to dress up, and money does not have to be a factor when thinking outside of the box! Here’s to hoping you have a fun-filled, safe Halloween dressed up as something totally scary or terrifyingly hilarious!

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