Anya Eland

Laurier Brantford Prepares to Meet the World

The Intercultural Certificate program is a new course offered to all Laurier Brantford students through Laurier International. This program is a six module program, which includes the following: Introduction to Concepts of Culture, Introduction to Exploring One’s Culture, Introduction to […]

The Bent King prepares to open in April

  After The Sputnik’s 2015 coverage of Brantford’s journey to get its game on, perhaps you’ve been wondering, whatever happened to that second board game cafe, The Bent King?   Well, the restaurant has found its home at 156 Market […]

Laurier Brantford’s Pink Feather Society

Laurier Brantford students in the Indigenous Community Organizing class have created a non-profit organization, in partnership with students from Six Nations Polytechnic called The Pink Feather Society. “We are trying to raise awareness towards missing and murdered Indigenous women & […]

Brantford finally gets its GO bus

Many Laurier students are overjoyed that their voices have been heard as the Ontario government confirmed that there will now be GO Bus routes to Brantford. The GO bus will run from Brantford to the Hamilton area, as well as […]

Students want a University Library in Brantford

Laurier Brantford Students held a “silent protest” on Feb. 9 to raise awareness for their interest in attaining a university library on campus. Currently, Laurier Brantford students do not have a university library. They can only really use Brantford’s public […]

Fetishes: What’s yours?

Oh fetishes. As much as people perhaps don’t care to admit it, a lot of us are at least a *little* kinky and likely harbour a sexual fetish. Fetishes are when one feels a sexual attraction to situations, body parts […]

Battle of the Tylers

Our News Editor, Anya Eland, asked the Students’ Union presidential candidates some questions to help make your decision at the polls be a little easier. How will you deal with gendered violence on campus? In this role, many hard to […]

Diversity and Equity

The Diversity and Equity office (DEO) is an office that offers diversity-related supports to students and diversity initiatives. It promotes acceptance and empowerment, and inclusiveness of creating an accepting life for all staff, faculty and students. The DEO “works to […]

The Featured Artist: Bryan Heyens

The Featured Artist is a Laurier Brantford student who is constantly striving for creative and artistic excellence. The medium isn’t what’s important; it’s the art. This week’s featured artist is Bryan Heyens   How long have you been cutting people’s […]

What are you listening to?

Upon interviewing fellow first years at Laurier Brantford, it can be noted that they enjoy a wide variety of music. However, it seems that, The Weeknd, is an artist buzzing in a lot of headphones lately. Originally named as Abel […]