Should you be listening to music when you study?

These past couple days have been quite stressful for many Laurier Brantford students, as it is midterm season.

Many students have different study habits in order for them to get as much studying done as possible. Sometimes, students will listen to music while they are studying to calm their nerves.  It is said that this can help them relieve stress while studying.

Many students get those nervous jitters the night before a midterm or a bigger exam. Listening to music can help reduce those stress hormones, especially classical music.

There have been many studies shown where classical music has helped people relax while studying. The music gives their brains a relaxing sense of something in the background.

Classical music can be slow which is soothing to our brains, and it lowers our pulse, blood pressure and heart rate which helps us relax.

According to many students, they like listening to movie soundtracks, because it calms them down in a way that they think of the movie they are listening to and it helps them focus on their studying.

If you listen to music you like, it can relax you but if you listen to hype music, it may not make you calmer but more distracted in a way that will make you lose focus, especially while studying.

“Whenever I study, I listen to movie soundtracks. It definitely relieves my stress because there’s something in my mind to make it exciting and less boring. If I listen to music with lyrics when trying to study, I sing along and then I lose focus,” said Sean Harrison, a fellow Laurier Student.

“When I study, music helps me get into the zone. Even though it’s in the background, it relaxes me,” said Claudia Marmol, a third year Laurier Brantford Student.

“Listening to music while studying takes me into a different world,” said Katie Mckinnon, a Laurier student.

Even when taking a break from studying, listening to music can help calm the nerves, as it gives a peaceful background in our minds that is enjoyable.

Everyone listens to different music while studying, but if you try to listen to classical music while studying, it may be a pleasant surprise and give you a different result from studying, as well as a larger sense of relief of your stress hormones.

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