The Featured Artist: Bryan Heyens

The Featured Artist is a Laurier Brantford student who is constantly striving for creative and artistic excellence. The medium isn’t what’s important; it’s the art. This week’s featured artist is Bryan Heyens


How long have you been cutting people’s hair and when did you start taking it seriously?

I started cutting people’s hair about four and a half years ago. I started taking it pretty seriously about two and a half years ago. I started doing it to save money and then I found a passion for it. I would get one every week and they would get costly. My best friend’s sister is a hairdresser, and would give me $7 haircuts but she moved so I got clippers from home and started learning myself.


Since you consider yourself a barber, would you ever be interested in cutting women’s hair? Do you think it would be more difficult?

Absolutely, I would like to do women’s hair, but right now I would like to master men’s hair. Women’s hair is a lot harder because it’s more time consuming and layering can be difficult, but there is more money in it such as colour, and styling.


What is your favourite thing about cutting people’s hair? What made you interested in this hobby?

I feel like I have a good relationship with the person in my chair and we would talk about anything from fashion and music, and they know the conversation would just be between me and them. I’m sort of like therapist because during haircuts sometimes people vent stress and can I can relate to them. I like the social aspect of it that I can talk to someone I’ve never talked to in my life or someone I never saw myself associating with.


Do you feel pressure when doing hair designs for people?

Yes, I feel pressure because I haven’t been trained fully in the sense of making designs symmetrical but when it comes to doing a haircut for someone I feel very confident because that’s what I’ve been working on and studying. The designs itself can sometimes be difficult and if I can’t do that, I will be honest with them.


What is the most difficult hairstyle you have had to cut before?

There’s not anything too difficult but at first I had a challenge with thick and curly hair but you learn to understand to break down the hair. You can’t go and do it the same way you would with straight hair. There are different techniques to learn to use depending on the hair.


Is being a barber purely a hobby, or would you like to make it a career in the future?

Right now it is a hobby, since I’m here for school; criminology which is my first priority but I would eventually like to own my own barbershop as a side career.


When someone asks you for a challenging hairstyle, how do you feel? 

I feel honored in the sense that they feel I can do it. Most of the time I have been able to do it. There has been a time where they wanted something a little too difficult that I can’t do, and I would be honest with them and they’d rather that than me have the confidence like I can, then mess it up. Honesty is a big thing to me.


Do you like a challenge or do you feel intimidated about it.

I love the challenge especially if they are willing to let me go ahead and try it.


Have you ever had a time where your work was criticized?

Absolutely, I would cut one of my friend’s hair in high school, then someone would ask why that person let me cut their hair. Obviously it hurts when people have doubts, but it made me motivated to do my best and perfect my work.


How long does it take you to cut hair? Is the time limit difficult?

Hair is not something anyone should rush. I can do it within 20 minutes but I like to take my time, because my ultimate goal is to make this person happy and to feel good about their haircut.


What are your strengths when cutting people’s hair?

I’m complimented the most on having a sense of style and knowing what’s popular within hairstyles. I know what looks good on people and what type of styles would appeal to them based on head shape, but at the same time I’m open minded, I don’t say no and look how I can innovate the haircut more to their appeal.


What types of problems do you run into when on the job?

Sometimes it can be stressful when people don’t show up or call me and I’m waiting around for a while, but it happens in this type of work. Also some people can be indecisive, but they have always left it up to me to choose the right hairstyle for them and have always loved it. It can be exhausting especially since you’re on your feet for so long, but it’s worth it.


Is there anywhere people can check out your work?

Instagram at @heyenshaircuts and a YouTube account Heyenshaircuts.

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