Tyler Van Herzle is your new Students’ Union President

On Thursday night, Tyler Van Herzele was elected as the next Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union President and CEO. He had a huge 55.25 per cent of the vote.

Van Herzele is the very first President and CEO from Brantford.

It was definitely a night of celebration for many people, especially the successful candidates. Those elected to the board of directors were: Nick DeSumma, Matt DeSumma, Genelle Martin, Stephanie Bellotto, Shannon Kelly, Kevin Jang, Nick Molkoski, Faraz Iftekharuddin, Hubert Lee, Tarique Plummer, Ryan Price, and Jonathan Ricci.

Dana Toameh and Hubert Lee were elected to the Senate. The acclaimed to the Senate are: Matt DeSumma, Mynt Marsellus and Tarique Plummer. Plummer was also the elected to the Board of Governors.


All referenda questions were passed:

  • Music Student Activity Fee
  • Music Student Coach/Accompaniment Fee
  • Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group Brantford
  • Faculty of Education Technology Fee
  • Lazardis School of Business & Economics Student Society Rename & CPI Adjustment
  • Students’ Union Essential Services Fee
  • Students’ Union Auditors


To the crowd of students at Wilf’s restaurant and bar at the Waterloo campus, Van Herzele said, “I am beyond honoured to represent you as Students’ Union president next year.”

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