Tips to stay mentally fit during exam season

Midterm season can be a stressful time for students. Students have to juggle studying for midterms along with everything else going on in their lives. Laurier Brantford, as well as the city of Brantford, makes sure to provide students with resources to help them take care of themselves.


The Wellness Centre

The Wellness centre offers counselling to students. Students can seek help for issues with anything regarding their mental health or any personal problems they are experiencing. Location: Floor 2 of the Student Centre (103 Darling St.)


Food Bank

If students do not have any time to go grocery shopping, Laurier Brantford’s food bank will help provide them with nutritious food.  Making sure to eat healthily is essential to a student’s well-being. The request form can be accessed at


Writing Centre for Student Success

Having trouble with studying techniques? Need help with an assignment? Individual consultations with peer mentors are available to help with any writing or study skills. They are here to help you excel in your academics. Location: 45 Market Street.


St. Leonard’s Community Services

St. Leonard’s offers programs and counselling services. Students can call their mental health crisis line, which is open 24 hours. They also offer Mental Health Crisis Risk assessments (OHIP card needed). Location: 225 Fairview Drive. Drop in or telephone 519-754-0253
 crisis phone line: 519-759-7188 or 1-866-811-7188

A few extra tips:

Make sure to take breaks when studying. If you study too hard for a long period of time you can burn out.


Eat a healthy snack to feed your brain.


Try not to cram everything in the night before.


Always talk to someone if you need help.


Sleep. Make sure to get a good night’s rest after all that studying. Approximately six to eight hours helps your brain’s function.

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