Battle of the Tylers

Tyler vs. Tyler
Tyler Van Herzele (left) Tyler Murdock (right)

Our News Editor, Anya Eland, asked the Students’ Union presidential candidates some questions to help make your decision at the polls be a little easier.

How will you deal with gendered violence on campus?

In this role, many hard to handle cases will come across my desk. It is my responsibility to react to each with the same urgency and care. In the case of gendered violence, I plan on sitting on the Gendered Violence Task Force if elected. This will allow me to directly impact how students will continue on with their experience after a tragic act and help prevent harm and take proactive actions. I will also be able to connect better with the Diversity and Equity Office and Wellness Centre if elected. My main goal as Students’ Union President is to represent all students equally. This means stepping up to the plate and taking action when something like gendered violence occurs on our campuses.- Van Herzele

I will be taking a proactive approach by developing a strong working relationship with Laurier’s new Sexual Violence Support Advocate. By starting with a strong connection between the successful candidate, and myself we can minimize the amount of reactive measures the Students’ Union currently takes and focus on education and prevention. -Murdock

How will you ensure campus safety specifically on the Brantford campus?
As I just mentioned I plan on pursuing the implementation of 24/7 Special Constables if it is not completed by the time my term begins. If 24 hour SCS is implemented I plan on ensuring that Foot Patrol becomes more impactful when it comes to student involvement. I wish to see a text-in capability for those looking to get a walk/drive. This would increase productivity and planning of foot patrol as a whole.- Van Herzele

My first point in my first platform pillar focuses specifically on safety on the Brantford campus, and ensuring we see 24 hour Special Constables Service finalized. This is one of my top priorities, as it will open a ton of doors campus wide for improving the student experience. I also want to investigate the feasibility of bring Emergency Response Team to the Brantford campus which currently handles all minor injuries in Waterloo, as well as assists Special Constables and city Paramedics with major injuries.- Murdock

What’s your favourite band?
Queen- They continually produced hit after hit pushing boundaries in every direction. I’ve mentioned time and time again if I could spend one day with any celebrity it would be Freddy Mercury. He is one of the most incredible talents ever to live and was taken too soon. – Van Herzele

Definitely the Tragically Hip. Hard to pick just one because depending on the mood I will listen to different artists. The Hip is just that band that I can listen to in any situation over and over. -Murdock

Favourite food?
Buffalo anything really. I’ve fallen in love with hot food and buffalo offers that spice I look for in all food. – Van Herzele

My mom makes an amazing black forest ham/loaded potatoes combo that is to die for. Not necessarily just one food but that meal gets me super excited every time I’m at home and she tells me she’s making it. -Murdock

Favourite TV show?
Game of Thrones… I probably have too much merchandise in my room… – Van Herzele

Very tough to choose just one but I would say Survivor. One of the few people that still watch the new episodes and have seen every episode. It started off as a family tradition watching it together, and turned into something one of my favorite past times. -Murdock

Favourite movie?
Saving Private Ryan- I love history and this is the most accurate description of war-time I have seen. The Imitation Game is a close second from the same – Van Herzele

Friday Night Lights. A lot of people love the TV show and don’t realized it’s based off a book/movie, which is based off true events. It’s just an incredible story about a dream team that falls apart and still manages to overcome all odds. -Murdock

Favourite Disney Character?
Goofy. He was a childhood friend and has always been – Van Herzele

Mufasa. He looks for the best in everyone and encourages their potential, which makes him an inspiring leader. He has a gift for guidance and that is what has always drawn me to him. -Murdock

What’s your favourite Laurier memory?
My favourite memory at Laurier is opening ceremonies of Orientation Week 2014. I had the privilege of being the Director of Orientation Programming and Events and had to give an opening address to the week. I had written a speech about what Laurier has to offer and all you can become here. As I started my speech I got completely choked up because I realized that the hundreds of students sitting in front of me were going to become the incredible leaders Laurier is known to create. I looked out at strangers, knowing that they were not only going to find friendship, but relationships that will feel like family. In that moment I realized that is exactly what Laurier has done for me and I was completely overwhelmed by this feeling. That moment will be with me until the day I die. – Van Herzele

My favourite Laurier memory would definitely have to be winning Orientation Week 2014 as a Head Icebreaker. Winning Orientation Week doesn’t mean anything at all really, but the reaction from the first year students and the volunteers was breathtaking. To me it really showed the camaraderie that comes with getting involved on campus, and being apart of a team. Several students came up to me and thanked me for all of my hard work and it was so nice to return the favour to the volunteers and tell them my partner and I had nothing to do with how happy the first year students are, it was their hard work and ability to welcome them that lead to the win. -Murdock

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