Back to school mode after winter break


Winter break is now over, which means students must come out of relaxation mode and get back to school mode. After all the relaxing, partying and family dinners, the break had to come to an end. As classes start for the new winter term, students will need to manage their studying time effectively for and other habits that help them to achieve their academic goals. There are many ways to start the New Year and become a better student.

University goes by quickly, and students will then have to enter the real world. They need to apply all they learned in university to their everyday lives, and it helps to prepare yourself to be a good student over the years. Laurier Brantford offers many different facilities to help you with your start to the New Year.

Wilkes Gym offers many classes for students to burn off all that Christmas turkey and chocolate and get back in shape. Getting back on track to healthy living through habits like working out and eating right can help improve academic success. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.  Plus, since this is a new year, wanting to start working out or getting back to it in order to become a healthier person is great motivation.

New Years’ Resolutions are something most people don’t usually live up to, but it can help to keep you on schedule. If you say your New Years’ resolution is to study two hours before bed, then do that! If you stick to that resolution, it will definitely help you get organized and back into school mode. After all those days going to bed at 3 a.m. and waking up at 2 p.m., students need to get back on track with their sleeping schedules. Students who lack sleep don’t do as well academically as those who do, so it is important for students to reassess their sleeping schedules.

Students are also encouraged to get back in to their extra- curricular activities. The Students Union also re- hires this winter term and students are encouraged to apply. Extra-curricular activities give students a positive mindset as they can do something other than school work. It also helps students to meet other students and gain skills outside of the classroom.

Students are encouraged to work hard to get back to school mode, as grades are important. A nice long break is always great to have but now we must get back to working hard in school and doing the best we can.

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