Students want a University Library in Brantford

Laurier Brantford Students held a “silent protest” on Feb. 9 to raise awareness for their interest in attaining a university library on campus.


Currently, Laurier Brantford students do not have a university library. They can only really use Brantford’s public library and even then, students are often forced to use online material, as the public library does not have the proper resources needed for students’ course work.


Mahala Valleau, a student at Laurier Brantford, led students in a 20-minute yoga session while reading books to show their support for a university library.


Pauline Dewan, is a Laurier Brantford librarian and works in the digital library located in the basement of Grand River Hall. She attended the event, and was excited to see how many want a university library on campus. “I am happy that students are keeping up the awareness of the need of the library.”


“With the establishment of a university library, comes expert librarians, with the ability to guide students through their research. Currently, Laurier Brantford has limited librarian staff, and therefore, less specialized knowledge within the programs available on campus,” said Aryan Arvandi, a fifth year concurrent education student who helped organize the event.


Professor Ian MacRae, who teaches in the English and Society, Culture and Environment faculties at Laurier Brantford, is also pleased by the turnout at the event, and is pleased to see students taking a stand. “If professors want it, it’s fine but if student want something, it’s a big deal. Student voices matter to mobilize student issues. It strikes at the academic mission and culture of the community.”


“We pay the same amount [as other university students] we should get the same resources,” explained Arvandi.


Students are not just campaigning for resources to aid their studying and research, but also for quiet areas for them to study, especially at night and after hours when the public library usually closes.


“We need a dedicated space for students,” said Patricia Skoczylas.


Carla Mangahis said that it’s, “stressful getting books shipped to us.”


“I participated in the first library protest event last year and I support the initiative and will continue to spread awareness,” said Laurier student, Michael Berry.


“We need academics to be central and without a library it’s not,” explained MacRae.


According to Dewan, planning for a library has already started, with talks of a library potentially being put into one of the empty spaces in the newly acquired Market Square Mall.

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