Fetishes: What’s yours?

Oh fetishes. As much as people perhaps don’t care to admit it, a lot of us are at least a *little* kinky and likely harbour a sexual fetish. Fetishes are when one feels a sexual attraction to situations, body parts or objects. As strange as your fetishes may seem, never lose site of the fact that your kink could possibly be a turn on for someone else too. Communication is key! Whether you’ve opted to celebrate or repress your lusty interests, you may be impressed to know that you’re not the only kinky soul on campus.

Laurier students expressed what sexual fetishes makes them feel kinky (all submissions are anonymous):



“Long fingers like victor from the corpse bride”

“Sex in public places”

“Role play: Princess Leia and Chewbacca”

“I still like spanking”

“I really like handcuffs, whips, chains”

“Sex in the shower”

“When food is involved in sex like whip cream”


Having a sexual fetish isn’t weird! It’s okay to be kinky, we all are in one way or another. Take some time to today to ponder the things that turn you on.

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