downtown brantford

Brantford: The rebirth of a community

A growing university and a revitalized downtown core have worked to create a sense of community that Brantford hasn’t seen in almost 20 years. The economic recession in the early 1990’s and the loss of the city’s main industry left […]

Grand River likely to flood

  With each spring comes a season full of decision-making. Should one opt for a coat or sweater? Is it really necessary to tote an umbrella? Despite the variety-packed nature of the season, according to authorities, one choice to make […]

Transit fare on the rise

As of April 1, 2014, it will cost $3 to take a ride on Brantford public transit. The twenty-five cent hike in fare only applies to cash transactions; the price of monthly and refillable transit B-Cards will remain stagnant. The […]

Thomas Mulcair visits Brantford

On Tuesday evening, leader of the NDP, the official opposition, Thomas Mulcair, addressed a hall full of Brantford residents. After a full day of visiting within the GTA, furthering the NDP’s affordability campaign, Mulcair stopped in Brantford to speak with […]

20-year old woman not assaulted

Last Friday, news spread of a young woman sexually assaulted early in the day before dawn. The Brantford Police Service has now confirmed an assault did not take place. The Major Crime Unit underwent an intensive investigation to conclude there […]