20-year old woman not assaulted

Last Friday, news spread of a young woman sexually assaulted early in the day before dawn. The Brantford Police Service has now confirmed an assault did not take place.

The Major Crime Unit underwent an intensive investigation to conclude there is no further cause of concern to public. “Our investigators did an intensive investigation into this, and it was based on factual evidence,” reassured Const. Natalie Laing. For acts of mischievous conduct, the Brantford Police Service could press charges against the self-proclaimed victim, but due to a humanitarian decision, Police have turned away all charges.

“Looking at everything and the circumstances, it was decided to not take that route.” Although this update may bring comfort Brantford Police would like to remind the community to be aware of their surroundings.

“The only positive thing is that now there has been this awareness. Once something happens, and it is out in the media … it’s time to be more aware. A crime can happen at anytime.”

The Police said the woman had exited her car with her belongings when she was grabbed from behind and had her head forcefully banged into the car— losing consciousness.

When the woman awoke, she had been on the ground for some time and was only partially clothed; the clothes she did wear were in disarray.

The victim had parked next to a residence, which she was able to reach and contact the Brantford Police Service. She still had her purse and cellphone on her upon waking up, and was immediately taken by ambulance to Brantford General Hospital for medical care.

The 20 year-old woman claimed she never saw the attacker and Police had no suspects.

Sexual assault is a serious matter. Statistics Canada has found that one-in-four girls and one-in-eight boys have been sexually abused by the time they are eighteen.


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